Toyota Wireless Charging Begins Verification Testing

Toyota Wireless Charging Begins Verification Testing

Toyota is beginning verification testing of its wireless charging system for its plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles.

The testing will last one year, and be undertaken by three in-use electric vehicles located in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. Toyota is looking to assess user satisfaction, system ease-of-use, misalignment rates and charging behavior, to make sure that the technology is ready for the public.

Toyota claims that its wireless charging setup should take about 90 minutes to fully recharge a Toyota battery pack. It uses magnetic-resonance technology to transfer electricity from a coil on the ground to a receiver coil on the vehicle.

To ensure that the coils are lined up properly, Toyota has developed an intelligent parking assist system that shows the position of the coil underneath the vehicle.

Toyota wants to bring this system to market to make charging easier for consumers, so the brand has also made sure to reduce electromagnetic interference on nearby equipment. The charger is also strongly built to withstand a vehicle driving over it repeatedly.

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