Toyota TRD Pro Debuts With Trio of Rugged Off-Roaders

Toyota TRD Pro Debuts With Trio of Rugged Off-Roaders

Toyota is bringing three of its most rugged vehicles available some off-road specific upgrades, and has revaled all three TRD Pro models at the 2014 Chicago Auto Show. 

The Tundra, Tacoma and 4Runner are the vehicles in question, and each will receive the same group of enhancements along with some model-exclusive new features. Powertrains remain untouched, with all of the add-ons coming to the suspension, interior and exterior.

Every single TRD Pro equipped vehicle will feature TRD Bilstein shocks with remote reservoir, TRD-tuned front springs, front skid plate, a unique grille with a large Toyota badge in the center. All three of the vehicles feature a lifted front end, with the Tundra and Tacoma jumping up by 2 inches while the 4Runner gets jacked up by 1.5.

trd-proOn the inside, TRD themed floor mat and shift knobs are fitted, while the exterior features a new shade of orange known as ‘Inferno,’ along with black wheels. Black and Super White exterior paint finishes can also be had.

On to the specifics. If you purchase a TRD Pro Tundra, there are a number of enhancements that Tacoma and 4Runner buyers won’t get. The first is 18-inch alloy wheels along with TRD Pro stamping right into the quarter panel. Tundra TRD Pro buyers will also get unique interior seat color along with exclusive instrument panel ornamentation.

Next, the TRD Pro Tacoma, which Toyota playfully refers to as the Taco Supreme, gets exclusive 16-inch beadlock wheels and a TRD exhaust.

Lastly, the 4Runner TRD Pro, known as the Rock Star 4Runner, gets an additional 1-inch of wheel travel along with new 17-inch all black TRD wheels. Black front and rear bumper accents complete the new look.

GALLERY: Toyota TRD Pro Series Live Photos


GALLERY: Toyota TRD Pro Series


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  • Glen

    Took one of the Best and bumped it up even further UP! SWEET but, shame you didn’t up the Ante up even further and ADD that TRD Super Charger as an Option. That’s what I’ve done to my Tacoma and Love every Mile even more than ever. Pulls like a Mule also.

  • Guest

    The TRD supercharger is available. It might not be on the option list but talk to your dealer about installation.

  • Robert Jochim

    Toyota – please bring us the HiLux… not these wannabes!

  • Jim

    Robert, you hit the nail on the head, damn chicken tax. I looked at the recent batch of 2014 tacomas and I realllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyy want a hilux now!!!

  • brdwonder .

    OK, boys and girls… The word “Rugged” is kinda age specific. Jim and Robert wanna define “Rugged” as Hillux. Excellent enuf but not quite up to my standards. I grew up in the ’50’s. Uncles and neighbors had WW2 surplus 4WD rigs. I got to drive off road in jeeps and Dodge Power wagons and one scout half track built on a 3/4 ton Pwr wagon. 1944 military spec modified by replacing rubber treads with D4 steel cleat caterpillar tracks. PTO winches, one ton rated axles, Now Kids, those are Rugged. Got my first driver’s lisc in 1963 USA 4WD were pretty strong then but not considered necessary for daily driving. A friend of mine bought a 1969 Toyota Land Cruiser. That was one tuff rig. Super stiff frame and leaf spring suspension, one ton rated axles. Skid plates, front to rear, PTO winch, Pretty rugged.

    I just bought myself a 1990 4 Runner. It’s somewhat less rugged than a 1944 military spec jeep.Also less rugged than the ’69 land cruiser. It’s kinda a “Wuss Wagon” It’s loaded up with pwr windows and locks, AC and ABS brakes. Oh yeah, Wuss Wagon. Carpet front to back inside. “LUXURY 4WD” 24 yrs old on 4 fancy wheels never seen a rock. Come spring I will attempt to teach it to become a bit “Rugged” Thank god the first owner selected a manual transmission. In my book, auto tranny and 4WD don’t belong together. There’s an old USN word for candy and fancy stuff…Gedunk It drips off my 4 Runner. Don’t make it bit more “Rugged”. Maybe a bit more comfortable when U getting stuck in the tracks of an old Capable, really rugged “Antique” 4WD. NO, I don’t think my 4 Runner will go where a WW2 Jeep will go. I don’t think 2014 TRD 4WD will do any better. Cost has gone thru the roof and Performance and reliability lag way behind. Do I want a 4WD that can cruise the freeway at 80mph? Not really. Do I want an engine controlled by a computer chip? Absolutely NOT! Do I want my brakes controlled by the manufacturer? Again NO! We no longer get to choose this. And “Ruggedness” seems to be degraded by gas mileage and comfort of ride. My friend sez 4 Runner rides smoother than my 1978 Celica GT. And it does by virtue of wimpy springs and comfortable suspension design. That don’t put traction on the ground. I say again, I got me a “Wuss Wagon” Will I test it to destruction? Maybe, Or will I baby it because I can’t buy better without restoring a 50+ yr old 4WD? I really don’t expect it to go many places my 2WD 1971 Chevy one ton PU truck would go with up to 10,000 lb GVW on 4 tires. Oh yeah, owner’s manual sez 4 Runner overloaded anything over 800 lb. I consider that to be WUSSY. Oh yeah, Toyota will handle weight, I’ve loaded my ’78 Celica at least a ton overweight and gone to the woods camping with it’s bone stock 2WD. Climbed up a fire road 13 mi, Gained nearly 7,000 ft in altitude. All the 4WD boys in that camp asking me “Howdja get here” Toldum I followed my headlights…….Yes I’m sure 4 Runner will go there. Don’t think it will be so impressive as driving a 2WD sportscar up there. Compared to the 4WD I cut my teeth on today’s TRD I say turd. really can’t compare. Don’t gimmie Newer is better. It is NOT and never was. Consider that when U spend 30K+ on a Turd. Just an experienced old farts thoughts.


    No thanks, I don’t like the look of Fords. I’ll stick with my 2010

  • Smokey

    This comment is true! I owned an 84 SR5 & drove it everywhere, until it rusted out from underneath me. It was the last year of the solid front axle, as well as the for the carburetor. Also, old shade tree mechanics could fix these beasts in the field! This last point is lost in today’s vehicles.

  • O

    Just make a 4×4 crew cab tacoma with the long bed and the 6 speed manual transmission for f*** sake.

  • John U

    That 90 4 runner is akin to my 89 truck still going today, lifted, locked, re-geared, and unstoppable