2016 Toyota Tundra to Come With Cummins Diesel

2016 Toyota Tundra to Come With Cummins Diesel

The next-generation Toyota Tundra will receive a version of the same Cummins diesel powerplant as the next Nissan Titan pickup.

The Tundra will utilize a 5.0-liter turbo-diesel V8 from Cummins to power its next-generation Tundra, which is likely to make its debut in 2016 according to Ward’s Auto. It’s unclear how or whether the engines will differ in specifications, but the Nissan unit is expected to make over 300 hp and 500 lb-ft of torque.

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According to an inside source, the Cummins diesel could be a placeholder for the Japanese automaker. Toyota was working on an in-house Tundra diesel engine until the market collapsed in 2008. Depending on demand for the the Cummins-powered model, Toyota will weigh the possibility of reviving the project.

Previously we had reported that Tundra diesel models were already undergoing testing.

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[Source: WardsAuto]

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  • Jim

    Now if they’ll just put a full sized bed on the crew cab, I might buy one.

  • Andy Pritchard

    Jason, are you stirring the pot? Who’s your reliable source for this info?

  • Andy Pritchard
  • autoguide

    They don’t. On purpose. Usually these sources don’t want to be named. We have already been told by our own unnamed source that diesel Tundras are already being tested. http://www.autoguide.com/auto-news/2013/11/toyota-tundra-diesel-undergoing-testing.html

  • Andy Pritchard

    I remember that. But Mike Sweers seems to be contradicting himself from this earlier statement, http://www.autoguide.com/auto-news/2013/02/ford-chevy-and-toyota-no-plans-for-diesel-half-tons.html

  • Shiratori1

    Do you know how much of a pain it would be to park and maneuver that? Why would you want that?

  • Jay Bjorn

    A truck should only come with a full sized bed. You might as well buy an SUV for your groveries

  • oops

    cummins has sent a few of the v-8 5.0’s to toyota for testing. this is more viable than you think

  • Shiratori1

    Unnecessary insults aside, it’s ultimately a moot point. Toyota has already indicated that the long bed isn’t happening with the crewmax. If you want the long bed, you will have to get the double cab.

  • Rob

    Double Cab has a lot of room inside!!

  • Jay Bjorn

    I have a tundra crew cab with a short box. Its an insult to myself, my friend has a tundra with the full size bed and Im jealous. I cant even put a full sheet of plywood in my bed. I really want the crew cab with the long bed on my next purchase. I might have to change brands to get what my needs are. I live in the high country and away from the citiots, so maneuvering isn’t a problem.

  • Romale

    I would if they made an SUV that had the same interior as a supercrewequivelent and then added cargo space in the back. They keep doing this 3rd row seating bullshit and if you dont get the 3rd row it doesn’t move the second row back

  • muddog15

    Why would I buy a diesel engine? Diesel fuel is hard to find. Not every gas station has it.

  • RickG

    And when you can find it diesel fuel averages $.60 a gallon or more higher than gas. Add the several thousand dollar cost along with the inconvenience of the urea injection and a diesel option makes little sense in a half ton

  • zjjh19

    Why diesel? Well for starters, you get nearly twice the miles per gallon with a diesel engine as compared the same vehicle with a gasoline engine. Diesel doesn’t cost twice as much gasoline, so the bottomline is…your cost/mile is less with diesel. Some might think it costs more to maintain a diesel, but that’s simply not true. Sure they may have a higher oil capacity, but usually, the interval between oil changes is longer than for gasoline engines. In addition, you get loads more torque (better towing) with diesel. Diesel fuel is everywhere. If you live somewhere that’s it not available, it must be awfully rural. Diesel engines are no longer those black smoke belching engines from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Today, they are clean burning and very efficient. In the end…the question you should be asking is, why would I want gasoline. The rest of the world offers a diesel option is nearly every vehicle. It’s time for the US to catch up.

  • TRD

    How long do we have to wait for a diesel Tacoma???

  • MRE

    i second that… when will they bring a Diesel Tacoma to the USA!!!

  • GGS

    I would rather have a Toyota designed diesel, I’m disappointed if it’s true.

  • Nathan

    Bahahhahahhahh!!!! Toyota is no longer the iron giant anymore. You start adding outsourced links into your system you leave room for failure or a decrease in quality. Maybe it’s a mental thing.. But if i’m buying a Toyota…. I want a f’n Toyota engine! I don’t go out and buy a car to have some other engine in it. I could easily just fabricate my own trophy truck and throw toyota glass on it and have a chevy engine in it… But heeeeey it’s toyota right?!? Genuine quality is a thing of the past.

    By doing this Toyota just became as retarded as Chrysler breaking the ram away from being Dodge. Thats like chopping off your balls and saying you’re better then you were before with these new made in china plastic eggs for balls.. Chin up son you’re a better person now, hahahaha…… I hope Toyota see’s this and it brings them shame to know thats what true Toyota enthusiasts think about them now. Fuckin sell outs!

  • Racerbob

    AND, now for the other side of the coin. The next truck I was going to buy was a Dodge RAM due to the Cummins diesel. Now, if they do this right, I might be interested. I respect Toyota Quality, proof? I’m driving a 2006 tecoma right now and the damn thing is gutless, won’t even pull my race car hauler over the mountains. That is why the plans for the RAM truck later. Now, just maybe, it might be another UN-GUTLESS Cummins diesel powered Toyota instead. I would not drive a Nissan if some one gave me one, just don’t give a damn about Nissan and I used to sell them. Come on Toyota, do this right and you will OWN the market. As your you, Nathan, your just one less jerk I got to step over to get my quality truck with the power I need.

  • Nathan

    Well If you’re a racer, you’d know you need torque to haul or pull anything. What kind of idiot buys a v6 to pull a tailer with a heavy race car on it? Now I know you’re just a hateful troll that knows nothing of true quality or even care about authenticity.

    You want power you go with a V8. And I do believe the new tundra pulled a spaceship. So to talk shit on Toyota for you being an ignorant tool and buying a v6 instead of a v8 to haul or tow anything thats heavy. You’re the idiot. Might as well go buy a prius to pull your ‘racecar’ you claim to own.

    If you respected Toyota quality you wouldn’t bitch about it. I have owned two tundras and can’t complain about any power issues. I blow away newer competitors trucks in a rolling start or from a dead stop.

    And how are you stepping on me with Toyota going with some other brand vs their own? You can saddle up and go buy that new piece of shit while I go and buy Chevy from now on.

  • LarryNC

    The Heavy Duty Dodge/RAM trucks use a 6-cylinder diesel engine.

  • LarryNC

    I was hoping that Toyota would be using the Hino diesel engine. They need to (in my opinion) offer a diesel option in the Tundra, the Tacoma, the 4-Runner, and they should have offered a diesel option in the FJ-Cruiser. And a diesel option in the cars would be nice, too. Volkswagen, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Nissan, RAM, Jeep, Chevrolet, Mazda (has announced), Porsche, are all offering diesel models in the U.S. now. Get with the program, Toyota!

  • Nathan

    LoL… Larry the ram uses a Diesel and the Tacoma is a N/A engine. Bob’s talking shit on the Tacoma for being a gutless wonder. That engine is a N/A engine I used to have a 91 4-Runner and ya that v6 was gutless, but I also didn’t buy it to haul anything.

    Of course a diesel will produce more torque then a standard engine. diesel engines for trucks are often equipped with a turbo as well. Producing 2-4 times the amount of torque then any standard engine. Making Diesel the obvious choice when selecting a work truck or a truck to haul your toys around.

    Reason why if he wanted to haul anything heavy he should of got a v8 truck or a Diesel truck. His argument is hollow.

  • Dan

    You don’t want one of the Hino engines, they suck. I’ve drove a lot of them for work, just not better than the other offerings.

  • Giggidy Giggidy

    Sorry toyota. You waited too long on that one. Nissan and dodge beat you. Step it up and give us 35mpg. Stop playing.

  • Orion Antares

    In our area at least, the extra cost of diesel completely negates the mileage gain it has over gasoline. Newer gasoline engines can also go up to 10k maintenance schedules now.

  • zjjh19

    If you’re purely interested in the cost per gallon, then you would first need to determine what you miles/gallon would be for the two vehicles (one with gasoline and same vehicle in diesel variety). On my particular vehicle, I get nearly twice the miles per gallon with diesel. Therefore, my cost/mile (despite the fact the diesel costs a bit more per gallon) is much less than it would be for the same gasoline powered vehicle. As they say, your mileage may vary. There are other benefits to be had as well…not just miles/gallon. My comments were more aimed at the narrow-minded “why would I buy diesel” nay-sayers here…who can’t seem to comprehend that diesel actually has a number of benefits. Vehicle manufacturers in the rest of the world (outside US) typically offer nearly every vehicle in their fleet in a diesel variety. Yet this is all seen as new and scary territory for the US.

  • Orion Antares

    Yea diesel here has a larger price mark up which ends up washing any mileage savings. Most will only use a diesel for a primary heavy tow truck or if they are a farmer because they will use the cheaper farm diesel, which they aren’t actually supposed to do, in their trucks.

  • zjjh19

    Diesel hard to find? Inconvencience and cost of Urea?? My experience has been quite to the contrary and I see diesel fuel everywhere. Sure it might not be at every filling station, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s “hard to find”. And in terms of Urea (aka DEF, which stands for diesel exhaust fluid), most just add a bottle during their routine oil changes….which isn’t really a major inconvenience. If you do your own servicing, you simply buy your DEF it at the same time you buy your oil, no biggie.

    Newer diesel engines that require DEF, typically use an injection rate of about 2% to 4% (with most vehicles requiring 2% or 3%). A gallon of DEF can be purchased at Walmart for about $5/gallon. Given the more common 2 to 3% usage rate, this would increase your diesel fuel cost by a 0.10 to 0.15 per gallon. In the not so distant future (and perhaps by the time a 2016 Tundra hits the market), all of thie DEF stuff might very be a distant memory, and the manufacturers are working toward eliminating DEF injection in favor of diesel catalytic converters. The technology has not been perfected yet, but I’ve no doubt it will be.

    In the end, and depsite the fact that diesel costs more per gallon (than gasoline), in addition to the added expense of DEF, I would still argue that your cost per mile to operate a diesel vehicle are less than that of its gasoline counterpart. This says nothing of the added torque and increased longevity that you inherently get with a diesel drivetrain. You use less fuel, period. This means that diesel vehicles significantly reduce the number of barrels of oil that we, as a nation, use on a daily basis. And this my friends, is the number one reason that the lobbyists have to date, successfully been able to keep the diesel vehicle proliferation to a minimum here in the US.

  • zjjh19

    Sign me up! Are you listening Toyota? I would love to be given the opportunity to help you test these vehicles.

  • BuckandTye PhilandRose

    This is good except it needed to begin happening in the late 70’s and grow through the 80’s before all of this UL sulfur fuel, DEF, ETC. crap began. The diesel economy has come down so far due to epa regs it knocked the crap out of the benefits od the diesel. It doesn’t make a difference any more gas or diesel except they over Diesel in most states for taxation????

  • yellowdogdemocrat

    Muddog I don’t know what state YOU live in but here in Texas it’s a rare fuel station that does NOT carry diesel. Maybe you live in the Bahamas or Bermuda somewhere…or maybe you live in a Deep South Republican red state like Mississippi or Alabama or Georgia or Louisiana where the people can’t afford diesel trucks so there’s no demand for diesel fuel.

  • muddog15

    I live in Florida, one of the better state’s to live in. People can afford what they want here because the communist party (dems) haven’t had a chance to run the state into the ground. It’s not every gas station here that has diesel.

  • yellowdogdemocrat

    No you let a criminal(Rick Scott) run it into the ground. Sky high prices, backwoods justice(stand your ground-two murders and a 60 year sentence for discharging a weapon) AND the Everglades getting paved over from east and west. As for diesel…your majority citizens are retired and don’t need diesel. They’re lucky if they can drive their golf carts.

  • muddog15

    LMAO, that was fun.

  • sbugsy57

    I have three diesel automobiles two VW and one dodge 2500 Ram the mpg is awesome and the pulling power of my Dodge is awesome. Yes they cost more to work on but, so does any Foreign car and I do my own Maintenance any way. But the miles of the life of the engine I think is worth it. Just my two cents. We will just have to see the Tundra and its spec. Thanks

  • yellowdogdemocrat

    BTW I used to live in Tampa and Dania/Hollywood. Have a relative in Sarasota. Used to go to the offshore powerboat races every chance I got including Key West. When I saw the winds of change blowing to the Right I left. When the winds swing back to the Left I’ll move back and buy a golf cart lol.

  • muddog15

    God help us, lol, nothing you said was true anyway, except for Scott maybe, some of it at least. But hey let’s face it ALL politicians are criminals. Our entire government is and has been nothing more than an an organized crime syndicate for decades.

  • okiwen

    well, it’s about damned time. Too late< already bought a piece of Dodge.

  • Dave cummins

    You forget majority of diesel vehicals have motors made by different company’s for instance dodge has Cummins chryslers sprinters have mercades ford has had international for years Chevy started with Detroit…I believe your awser is invalid..lol I believe the guy below me agrees he don’t want no gutless Toyota junk wants power of a Cummins!!

  • simon

    i don’t know why they don’t use the 4.5l out of the Landcruiser 200

  • JJ

    And of you want a diesel buy a straight line engine like the cummins straight 6. No V engine of any kind is worth a sheet as a diesel period. That is where all the truck manufactures are going wrong, using any V style diesel. Only Dodge has the inline Cummins which out performs all the V diesels period.

  • Trey Rogers

    Nathan, I am sorry but you need to stop before you make a, total fool out of yourself. MY 2007 5.9 Cummins Dodge Megacab Makes over 600 hp and 850 pounds of torq. It it’s worth Monte today then the $32,000 I paid for it new. As with the current six cylinder.Diesel mine can readily pull 25,000 pounds and gets 13.5 mpg gallon doing it. It is best to keep your mouth closed when you don’t have any idea what you’re talking about. Let the men talk about why and what works best in trucks and keep your immature foul mouth shut!

  • charlie

    Toyota did have 4 cylinder turbo diesel in the pick up in the very mid 1980’s since it didn’t sell in big enough numbers they pulled it. how do I know? i had one as a dealer demo . they also have the diesel in trucks In other parts of the world.
    what’s been stopping them, is the costs to epa certify a new motor here in the usa. grabbing the cummins is a wise choice when sales numbers may be low,to low to in house certify a hino as a brand new model. then since cummins has done all the epa certification work for them already. it becomes like Nissan who also makes their own diesels a win win for every one. both builders have a rock solid big named diesel, cummins has more workers at it plants

  • charlie

    hopefully not long, as they will have to play fast catch up with Nissan and them dropping the cummins 2.8 turbo diesel into the frontier and dodge already having a v6 diesel in the 1500.
    Toyota did have a 4 cylinder hino turbo diesel in the pickup in the usa and did have a turbo gas efi motor at the same time. what killed them was sales numbers were not large enough

  • Bullman

    Since when is Texas democrat?

  • yellowdogdemocrat

    I moved to Texas just in time to cast my vote for Ann Richards.

  • Moparswest505

    Just FYI my 2013 Ram 6.7 gets less than 11 mpg pulling my 11,000 lb trailer. 14.8 no trailer. The EPA has the new diesel running clean but it will clean out your wallet at the pump. I know if you take the diesel particulate filter off and use a EGR delete kit it will get 19 plus. Yes the latter is illegal and I haven’t done that but mpg is gone with a new Ram. I want my old diesel back even if it smoked a little. I got twice the mpg with it.

  • ted

    I’m curious to see the price compared to dodge and ford because those output numbers are low compared to dodge and ford…. heck the ecoboost does what 425 torque?! thats not much less than this cummins motor!

  • Nathan

    Trey you are a f’n idiot, really. You want to start talking shit about a point that was already made just so you can feel like a ‘man’. Eat shit. I already said diesel produce more power then a v6 and that rob is an idiot for talking shit on a v6 engine to pull his ‘racecar’ he supposedly owns. Of course it’s not going to have the power of a v8 or diesel. I could care less what kinda crappy mexican made truck you own.

    Wanna cookie???

    You just spouted off irrelevant facts about your piece of shit truck that held no ground on my conversation. So please go back to school and learn reading comprehension before you interject into someone else’s conversations moron.

  • Nathan

    And you clearly don’t know how to comprehend the meaning in a message. I don’t give a shit about other manufactures. Reason why I don’t buy them.

    If you don’t like toyota power. Go somewhere else. Plain and simple. No one’s forcing your arm to buy something you don’t like.

    If I wanted a truck that could haul a lot of weight i’d buy a diesel Chevy.

    But I don’t care about that and use my truck for off roading only. And coming full circle on my original complaint. Toyota has always done their own thing. And that is why it irritates me that they’re going to install an out sourced engine. And that is my main reason for being irritated, and everyone seems to not grasp that nor give a shit and just want to be a dumb fuck and talk shit for having my opinion on the matter.

    And thats why I don’t care to much for people because they don’t know how to be diverse nor respect other peoples opinions and feel they need to interject and talk shit for it. Thats like me going and bashing you for your beliefs and talk shit on what you like or hate on you for what you don’t like. ‘That’ is immature.

  • Nathan

    I admit cummins seems to be the best on the market for a diesel engine. But my original statement hold solid. Toyota should just make a better engine and keep it in the family. Rather then outsource. I buy a specific brand for that brand. Not for some other brands components.

  • Willis

    To be honest I’m a little dissapointed in cummins for putting their name on a toyota vehicle. I understand it’s pure business, but the cummins Diesel engines have always been straight line engines. From the the straight line 4 cylinder engine that powers bread trucks, UPS trucks to well over a million miles to the straight line 6 that runs in semis, tractors, construction equipment, the ram pickups, genarators and lots of other things the cummins powers. Making a V8 diesel really disappoints me. These guys that think they know trucks and talk about V8 and all the power they have a shallow knowledge perception about powerful engines. When you have a V style motor you loose power with the extra jogs you have to make with the crank shaft, and you loose more tork than that. If you want power in your truck and the most tork drive a dodge ram cummins any style of the cummins you can’t go wrong with from the 12 valve to the common rails to the 24 valve to the 6.7s there’s not a bad engine. Not like ford or Chevy and there non proven V8 diesels. And for Toyota your quality sucks, everything inside is molded From plastic and are unreliable.

  • Vitor

    Correct me if im wrong, but Toyota has used cummins engines in the past. Im pretty sure the old FJ’s had 4BT’s in them.

  • festmatt5440

    I think you’re getting the horsepower and torque figures , mixed up ,

  • festmatt5440

    Get a Dodge Cummins ‘ .

  • festmatt5440

    ‘Buy a diesel Chevy ‘ V-8 ? ; Too many moving parts , not as much torque ; Shorter – life ‘ engine ; If you’re gonna put some miles on it ‘ , better get a Cummins .

  • festmatt5440

    Quit proving your ignorance and stupidity ‘ .

  • festmatt5440

    Should have done your homework ‘ .

  • festmatt5440

    Most of us with diesels , are not confined to ‘ our ‘ area , we use them all over the country ‘.

  • festmatt5440

    Keep suckin ‘the gas ‘ .

  • festmatt5440

    Right ‘ , when I am in Fla. ; I notice that there are no ‘ Truck Stops ‘ ; in that state .

  • festmatt5440

    You sure ain ‘t no Texan , go back to Nu ‘ Ya awc k ‘ ‘ ; to live with the other ” Sid -ee- ots ‘ .

  • festmatt5440

    Nathan has a bad case ‘ of ‘ Little man ‘ , and littlewords ‘ , syndrome ‘ ;and you don ‘t know ‘ sheee- it ‘.

  • festmatt5440

    G. M .’ ; ” Government Mtrs. “

  • festmatt5440

    ” Sid – ee – o t ” .

  • festmatt5440

    Because neither of us wants to be driving a ‘ car ‘..

  • festmatt5440

    Or ; just buy a real ‘ truck , with a crew ‘, and a long bed .

  • yellowdogdemocrat

    You’re right Festus the only reason I’m still here is my wife’s family. I’m working on moving to a Blue state. And BTW I don’t have Jap crap vehicles in my garage like you guys do I buy American. I don’t give a damn if the Jap cars are built here, the profit goes to the Jap companies. And guess what else; American vehicles are not allowed to be built or sold in Japan. So if you don’t buy American cars built by American companies don’t call yourselves patriots.

  • A V engine from Cummins is nothing new. Cummins has made several V configuration engines in the past. The V903 was one of them, and most of their large engines are V configuration. While I agree that the inline engines are simpler, and I prefer them, there is no reason a V8 can’t make good torque and HP. And people want smooth and quiet, and that’s impossible in an inline 4, and tricky in a 6. I think they made the right choice considering all for the intended market of these trucks. I can’t wait to get one in my shop.

  • Moparswest505

    I did the homework, thanks. My comment was to tell the person saying diesels get twice the mpg’s no they don’t. Yes they can. All diesel boys know if you “mod” your truck it gets better mpg’s and much more power. My old truck had the mod thing and 19 mpg was average. I can afford the fuel I just hate to see the excess usage for all obvious reasons. A bigger race car trailer said I had to get a bigger truck. I would like to mod this truck but California roadside smog checks are here and I don’t need the fine. Yes I need to move out of California ……….

  • DayOldWhiteBread

    If Toyota had a diesel of their own, I’m sure they would prefer to use it (unless it doesn’t measure up to the competition, etc.). The fact that they’re going with the Cummins suggests they don’t. I don’t think any of us who’ve been waiting for this day to come want to wait while they develop a “Toyota” engine. Cummins makes a very solid engine. A Tundra with a Cummins diesel will have a leg up on a Nissan with the same engine as long as Toyota maintains their overall quality, and it will damn sure give them a leg up on RAM, Ford, and Chevy.

  • ted

    kinda like you are getting the comma and period button mixed up? go do some research….

  • ted

    i agree.

  • Orion Antares

    Semi-truck driver?

  • Jmichael Isbell

    Yeah, totally unreliable Toyota trucks–brilliant

  • Nathan

    I dunno man I think they’re just getting lazy or cheap. It’s like some keeping up with the Jones bullshit with the race to use Cummins to follow some trend because they don’t want to feel left behind when they’re leading in terms of quality.

    Toyota has had ample time to develop their own engine in the past decade. And they’re choosing to fold and follow Nissan and use the same engine. It’s like social media and following whats trending because oh they’re doing it so lets do it to. Nissan sucks, only thing that they’ve made that gets my attention is the skyline. Other then that, they suck. So to get all insecure and leap onto that engine like it’s some kinda race shows lack of confidence in their quality. And thats disappointing and makes me not want to buy from them anymore. And with the way they keep making the tundra look more and more like chevy and dodge it’s kinda annoying. So I guess this is a agree to disagree kinda conversation. lol

  • framing god

    There is hardly such thing as a vertically intergrated car company these days so get over it. I’d go with Ford or iszusu before cummins these days in a light duty. They certainly lost their fuel efficiency crown.

  • framing god

    The life of any of these diesels these days exceeds the life of the rest of the truck. ….

  • framing god

    Straight six cummins will out pull Ford and Isuzu, the Ford and gm will drive more car like because eight cylinder.

  • framing god

    Start the argument when you see gasoline powered semis, trains, heavy equipment Lol.

  • framing god

    Diesel = 17 percent more energy than gas. Plus when put under load it performs much better. My 30 K lb telehandlers use a 4.4l inline 4 diesel. If it needed a gas engine it would need like a ten liter gas. Yes diesel is two time more efficient if used in right situation. Diesel pick ups aren’t that much more efficient than their gas counterparts because they are tuned for horsepower and are oversize.

  • Jeff

    A: Toyotas having bad quality? Are you serious?
    B: WTF is tork?

  • Orion Antares

    Yes, per liter but that doesn’t make them more efficient per dollar in all markets. That was the point. You’d have to be towing for them to be more cost effective in a passenger vehicle in some markets.

  • AdkMacMan

    Wow, I’m a bit tired from reading all of these posts. I do Not want to add to the disharmony many if them are espousing, so I’ll list the points I see worthy of your comments my Tundra friends. First, many of us have wanted this OPTION … it is an option remember, there will be a Toyota gasoline V8 also. Second, the Cummins brand has proven itself in various applications INCLUDING the pickup market, and will serve well, maybe just as the suggested “place holder” for a few years. Thirdly, increased market share will drive R&D and the inevitable model diversity many of us desire, … Can You Dream with me ^ Toyota 3/4 and 1 Ton Diesel Duallies

  • hairs

    I can dream of those with you indeed 🙂
    And I would add that as Apple CarPlay is added to nearly all of the major auto manufacturers, so Cummins for now is making an inroad with it’s similarly proven “Apple Quality” diesels. Right now the auto industry as a whole needs these other manufacturers / innovators to bring quality additions. Toyota does not need to make it’s own tires, which are the only contact point with the ground for “take off” and safely stopping … they entrust those important items to the professionals in that industry. Who complained if manufacturers added Recarro (sp?) seats in a sports car? Or Bilsten (sp?) shocks on the TRD PRO models announced a few weeks ago? No one with any reasonableness would. If there were a best in the business sun roof company, or electric vehicle battery manufacturer (Tesla maybe) wouldn’t you want the best in your Toy? This Cummins 2016 news is ALL GOOD and will prove in time to be a market share driver as adkmacman correctly observed.

  • Adkmacman

    Wow, I’m a bit tired from reading all of these posts. I do Not want to add to the disharmony many if them are espousing, so I’ll list the points I see worthy of your comments my Tundra friends. First, many of us have wanted this OPTION … it is an option remember, there will be a Toyota gasoline V8 also. Second, the Cummins brand has proven itself in various applications INCLUDING the pickup market, and will serve well, maybe just as the suggested “place holder” for a few years. Thirdly, increased market share will drive R&D and the inevitable model diversity many of us desire, … Can You Dream with me ^ Toyota 3/4 and 1 Ton Diesel Dually?

  • Hairs

    I can dream of those with you indeed 🙂
    And I would add that as Apple CarPlay is added to nearly all of the major auto manufacturers, so Cummins for now is making an inroad with it’s similarly proven “Apple Quality” diesels. Right now the auto industry as a whole needs these other manufacturers / innovators to bring quality additions. Toyota does not need to make it’s own tires, which are the only contact point with the ground for “take off” and safely stopping … they entrust those important items to the professionals in that industry. Who complained if manufacturers added Recarro (sp?) seats in a sports car? Or Bilsten (sp?) shocks on the TRD PRO models announced a few weeks ago? No one with any reasonableness would. If there were a best in the business sun roof company, or electric vehicle battery manufacturer (Tesla maybe) wouldn’t you want the best in your Toy? This Cummins 2016 news is ALL GOOD and will prove in time to be a market share driver as adkmacman correctly observed.

  • muddog15

    Did I say there were no truck stops in Florida or do you not know how to read.

  • Nathan

    Really, little words? Didn’t know we were supposed to use college level words that many people don’t even know the meaning to. Or have probably never heard in their lives. And little man, are you mentally retarded? Negativity begets negativity. I’m not going to let someone sass me or talk shit and let them get away with it. You have no balls if you can’t stand up for yourself. Can hear youtube comments calling your name. Go troll else where.

  • Shiratori1

    Or, you can stop being a troll……

  • Shiratori1


  • Shiratori1

    Someone didn’t bother to read the article………

  • Shiratori1

    Yeah, you can go back into your hole now……

  • Nathan

    Someone doesn’t know what it’s like to see different opinions and not have to judge everyone like you’re better then everyone. I did read the article, and if you knew how to comprehend the meaning in any of my messages you’d be able to tell I hate the idea cummins is going to be in a Toyota. Vs. Toyota making their own engine as stated.

  • Nathan

    Guess I already posted on this..

  • Scott

    Only if some one swapped one in. I have never seen them offered in anything other than a Grumman step van. 4BT’s will vibrate your doors off at idle-not a smooth on-highway use motor. Better suited in industrial/construction equipment.

  • ureceivedeath

    Willass, I would like to meet with you, Please make all final arraignments

  • kcidmil

    Oh these are too good. Lets point out a few things that people like to miss

    1. The Tundra and Titan are not 3/4 or 1-ton trucks, and with the diesel option will still not be. So comparing the 5.0L to the bigger brother is comparing 2 different markets. Many like to bash that it won’t have the capability to haul the bigger loads, and they won’t. Now with that said, Nissan did announce in January that with the new Titan reveal (next year same time frame) there might be a newer model option. A hint at 3/4-ton progress???

    Also Toyota using an “outside” company is not new. The manual transmissions found in the 05+ Tacoma’s are actually manufactured by Aisin, and is one of the worst transmissions ever made.

    2. This IS NOT Toyota announcing. This is a 3rd party “forecasting” that they will put one in. Toyota applauded Nissan and Dodge for this move but stated they would not follow because of the new emission and fuel economy laws. Toyota dropped their Cummins idea years ago when they realized the cost was not worth it. The 3rd party forecast is based upon the fact that Chrysler and Nissan have cemented their models, and that Toyota in the past has worked with Cummins to develop a diesel for the Tundra. NONE of that is full blown “Tundra IS putting one in.”

    3. For those wanting a small truck with a diesel, Nissan is thinking of a Frontier w/ 4cyl cummins, and the much overlooked 2.8L Duramax in the re-launched Colorado/Canyon.

    4. Diesel maintenance costs are higher along with the fuel. I thought about going with a VW diesel years ago to help with fuel cost while traveling. After sitting down and calculating between the TDI Jetta and my current Sienna, here’s what I found. On a 660 mile trip from Utah to South Dakota there was no difference in fuel cost. Stops to fill up yes, but because of the higher price of diesel it offset the gain. https://www.fueleconomy.gov/trip/

    5.These 1/2 ton diesels are filling a demand, and for those who use it as a 1/2 ton they will see better mileage. Compare Ram’s 5.7L Hemi vs the new 3.0L VMturi. You have the potential to get over 20 mpg towing a boat. You can get 20 mpg in the 5.7L if you’re in neutral going down a hill with the wind pushing you and not hauling anything. Toyota’s 5.7 is no better, I averaged 14 in the city, and the best I ever seen was 19 mpg towing a 6×12 trailer loaded to max, while drafting a U-haul.

    If you want a good read on the newer Mid diesels coming out… check out Diesel Power Mag’s review. This gave a good independent review and showcased what a typical owner would do with the new 3.0L Ram 1500. A very interesting read and actually made me put the 1500 on my radar as a potential. http://www.dieselpowermag.com/features/dodge/1403_2014_ram_1500_ecodiesel_vs_2500_sibling_rivalry/

    Myself… I’m waiting to see what kind of numbers the Cummins will post in comparison to the VMturi. And as much as I bashed on Toyota not cementing a diesel, I’ll be holding out for one. The features they offer on the Tundra appeal to ME a lot more than the other companies. Honestly I see them offering one up as soon as they can get a Hino to meet the new restrictions.

  • steeb

    ted, the 5.0L cummins isn’t the same thing as the 6.7L cummins. please compare apples to apples

  • Ted

    Dang that must be rocket science. Lets not point the obvious out. I believe I mentioned the ecoboost also didn’t I? Don’t forget about dodges new v6 diesel ram 1500. I’m simply curious to see the price of this new Toyota and not impressed with the power numbers at all. I’m curious to see what’s up cummins sleeve on this v8 too. Not sure why they didn’t go with an inline diesel motor that’s the best route in my opinion.

  • Gary

    Won’t take the chance. Burned once on the Tundra, won’t take the chance of Toyota not standing behind the extra $$$ a diesel would run me.

  • Shiratori1


  • Nathan

    Can say the same for your statement. I actually stayed on point with mine and actually have a point. I think the attention you’re seeking will be found in YouTube comment streams tho.

  • jbw9999

    Great, all we need are more diesels. Besides the pick up truck idiots with their illegal, overly bright, non-focusing “I’m cool because my headlights are bright!” HID’s; stupid sounding, loud “Look at me, I sound like a big rig” exhaust; and “Look at me, I can blow black smoke like a big rig” pollution, getting behind one or beside one at a stop and having to smell their diesel fumes sucks too.

  • LarryNC

    Good point.

  • GKPrice

    Ha. Ha. Ha. Jealous HUH ?? Me too. !!

  • Stu Egan

    Hey stupid, you clearly haven’t been keeping up on the diesel news. (Thanks to epa) diesels are running cleaner and farther than gas engines. Matter if fact, the better a diesel is running, the less smoke it produces. As for the rest your bitching, don’t go out at night if you don’t like what’s lurking in the dark.

  • big cat

    hey willass, you j-o I’ve had 4 f-150’s all with over 100,000 miles and at 90,000 they were in the repair shop more than on the road. my tundra has over 90,000 and still feels like I just drove out the show room.

  • LibertyDwells

    There are lots of nice trucks out there. Stuffing a little bit more motor in a Toyota will never make it one.

  • Hannu Saarenmaa

    Long-waited news. But why would Cummins be better than Toyota’s own V8 diesel which powers Land Cruisers around the world?

  • jbw9999

    Many reports say diesel fumes are more toxic than gasoline fumes. Look it up.

  • Kenneth Allen Donaldson

    What color is your Subaru?

  • Jonathon Kim

    Its a game man. Trying to win over the Chevy/Ford lovers

  • jumper297

    Precisely. If truth be told, the Toyota diesel is probably a tougher animal but Tundra has had a tough time converting the rabid brand loyalty of the US truck market. A Cummins engine in the new gen truck will help quite a bit.

  • jumper297

    You’re coming at it wrong. The Tundra is already the most American made truck with the most towing capacity for a 1500-class… so it’s arguably already better than the Mexican made Dodge/Chebby and the Canadian Ford.

  • georgegabriel

    All the new diesels have a tank of cow piss under the hood to help with air polution. WOW

  • georgegabriel

    Cummins has had v12 and other configurations for years, mainly in industrial applications.

  • georgegabriel

    Im same way my first tundra went 232000 miles only maintence timing belts at 90ooo intervals and oil changes at every 5000 miles. 1 starter 2 sparkplug coils, by the way its still runnin. made in america by texans.


    Most Towing in 2014?
    Ford F150 11300
    Chevy 1500 12000
    Dodge 1500 10450
    Nissan Titan 9500
    Toyota Tundra 10400

    SOOOOO….Not the most towing…

  • JT Haugk Lemire

    I love toyota and respect their diesel engines but cummins is the holy grail of diesel engines

  • JT Haugk Lemire

    thats towing safely and i know the chevy cant do 12000 flip the dodge and the chevy

  • Bozo

    Um….Neither Ford nor Chevy have Cummins in new trucks. Just Dodge and OLD Chevrolets.

  • Bozo

    Well, the 11,300 lbs for Ford F150 is only for 7 lug ecobursts. 99% of F150s are tow rating of 9600 lb or less. I will never buy another Ford after blowing the tranny out at 17k miles on my Ecoburst. Hell the EcoDiesel by Dodge is only like 6,750. And the Chevy is with the 6.2L.

    Fact is, when Toyota employs the diesel engine, they will likely give it stiffer springs/shocks, along with a higher tow rating.

  • Bozo

    Uh…even with all of the black smoke, the diesel is polluting less than your Prius. Simple fact is, Diesels get better fuel mileage, last longer, tow more, and pollute less. Yes there are people that abuse the smoke and noise, but what about all those Ricer Honda civics that sound like a fart in a can? Those are more annoying than the diesels.

    On a side note, a 5.0 v8 cummins will not sound like a big rig at all. You are thinking about I-6 cummins because of the significantly larger pistons.

    And what the hell does lights have to do with anything? There are more gas trucks that put them on than Diesel.

    You should pay more attention to life man.

  • Bozo

    And this is why all of the other countries have switch to Diesel for the majority of their vehicles….They want to destroy the world. Do some research you F-tard.

  • Bozo

    Keep in mind that supply of diesel will go up as more diesel vehicles are introduced to the market, and therefore prices will go down. Ever been over seas? In New Zealand it was $2.10 per liter of gasoline and was $1.58 per liter of diesel, which actually makes sense since it takes less refining to make the diesel.

  • bOzO

    12 years of Duramax Diesels making it to 500k plus miles without issues isn’t proving the design? My neighbors has 513,000 miles and the only thing he has ever done is change the oil. And straight line??? I think you mean in-line. And I don’t see how V-8s versus Inline-6 has anything to do with Toyota…I personally will never buy another Ford because my recent F150 was complete Junk. Dodges have sh!tty trannies, and Chevy…well, they drive like boats.

    People, do not pay attention to this Willis character. he has no idea what he is talking about.

  • bOzo

    Ted, the ecoburst has 420 ft lbs. Now, if you trust the 3.5L gas motor to deal with towing as well as the Cummins, go for it. All I know is that my Ecoburst got 8 mpg pulling 6,000 lbs, and I blew the tranny at 17k miles. Friend blew engine up at 22k.

    Dont forget the mpg…my ecoburst advertised 15 city and 21 hwy. I averaged 13.5 mpg. On long highway trips at 75 mph, I got 14.5 mpg.

    On the contrary, my buddy with a 4×4 1 ton Dodge Diesel Dually gets 22mpg on the highway, and pulling 15k lbs, he gets 11.2 mpg.

  • bozo

    Nissan has not beaten them. Nissan and Toyota are supposed to be released next year for 2016 model.

  • jbw9999

    You have no clue what you’re talking about, you dumb ass redneck.

  • jbw9999

    You’re obviously the one that needs to do research, you ignorant ass.

  • Joe

    I must say, if they come out with a tundra diesel I will trade my brand new petrol tundra for one that day!

  • Lindsay Castle

    Automakers keep developing more and more computerized engines and make huge claims about how great they are. In 1975 I purchased a new VW Rabbit with a mechanical fuel injected engine that gave me over 50 MPG and gave me over 150,000 miles. The car itself was a basic, poorly constructed vehicle but the engine was amazing.
    Toyota and the rest are just building vehicles that make us dependent on their high end technology.
    Keys that cost over 100.00. Control computers that can cost into the thousands.
    Each manufacturer uses their own proprietary electronic controls.
    So you save a few bucks on fuel and you have lots of gadgets but, the cost of ownership is out pacing buyers ability to pay.
    Financing cars for 80 months! That is foolish to say the least.

  • superman

    Sux to be you jbw9999. Hopefully you use public transportation and don’t drive.

  • Rocco

    Ladies and gentlemen. We are in the Obama era, everything is expensive. Why are we arguing about this Diesel engine. For the last few years all I have been hearing is, when are we going to see a 1/2 ton diesel? Now we have them and some of you are bitching. Cummins is the oldest Diesel engine in America and what I have experienced from operating them whether it be a pick up or tractor trailer I have had great results. Cummins teamed up with Toyota, what a great idea. The transmission will probably be a ZF8 spd auto. I would prefer an Allison trans but I don’t think that will happen. The ZF is a very good tranny. Aisin is also a good tranny they are used in many vehicals. Cummins has used a V8 in many applications including the Amtrac the Marine corp. uses. Lets wait and see how the Toyota and Nissan hold up under testing with the Cummins engine then we will see if it is worth buying.

  • Bill

    they should have gone with a duramax

  • Mike

    After researching many hours forum after forum, I have finally spoke to and insider that the Tundra will be released in the fall of 2015 with the 5.0 single turbo cummins diesel. they are also talking a dually option. When I asked my source about the Tacoma he more or less avoided the question which leads me to believe that even though Toyota said no to a Diesel TACO at the Detroit auto show my sources actions tell me its still a possibility.

  • ItSmE

    Good come back you fudge packing Democratic liberal!

  • tpl

    Love to see a dually option for the diesel tundra!

  • tpl

    I hope you’re right and they go with stiffer springs and shocks!

  • Electrickone

    Been Looking all over for info on this, and I too have to say, this was odd that Nissan and Toyota would both have the same engine, looks like this was a pipe dream. Would have bought a Tundra as soon as they hit the lot!

  • Mark

    It’s not cow piss. It’s horse piss. You must fill it up with every oil change of 3000 / 5000 miles.

  • William Davis

    Cummins is the best diesel engine and Allison is the best transmission. I have a Chevy and I have no complaints with the Duramax. But both Nissan and Toyota with diesel engines will be tough competition for the American truck makes.

  • William Davis

    Nobody beats Chevy

  • Roger

    I’m hearing 2021

  • Don

    Your confused with the 13BT toyota Diesel