U.S. Average Fuel Economy Rises to 24.9 MPG in January

U.S. Average Fuel Economy Rises to 24.9 MPG in January

The average fuel economy of U.S. new cars as of January 2014 was 24.9 mpg, representing a 0.1 gain over the previous month. 

The research is conducted by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute. That puts the US average fuel economy just 0.1 back from its all-time high of 25 mpg, which was reached in October and November of 2013. It also beats out the average fuel economy for all 2013, which came in at 24.7 mpg, and is 1.2 percent better than the US average fuel economy in January of 2013.

Although average fuel economy rose in January, sales of hyrbids, plug-in hybrids and other green vehicles actually fell by 14 percent in January 2014 compared to a year earlier, suggesting that these numbers are coming more from the adoption of small four-cylinder powerplants and small cars rather than advanced technologies.

[Source: UMTRI]

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