Volvo ‘Roam Delivery’ Brings You Lunch Anywhere

Volvo ‘Roam Delivery’ Brings You Lunch Anywhere

During the upcoming  Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Volvo will showcase a new technology it calls “Roam Delivery.”

The new system will make it possible to order food for delivery directly to your car, regardless of where you are. Stranger still, you don’t even need to be in your car when the delivery arrives because the app allows for one-time time access via a digital key. The owner can see when the car has been opened and locked again. Of course, the system is good for more than letting someone leave a pizza on your driver’s seat.

Volvo says it tested the system with a pilot program involving 100 people, 86 of which said the system saved time. Silly as that might sound in a food delivery context, it could prove to be a useful convenience feature. The company says it hopes parcel delivery services like UPS and FedEx will start delivering packages to people’s cars rather than their doorsteps.

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“By turning the car into a pickup and drop-off zone through digital keys, we solved a lot of problems delivering goods to people, not places. The test customers also indicated that the service clearly saved time. And there are benefits for delivery companies as well because failed first-time deliveries generate significant costs for companies. We are now further investigating the technology of digital keys and new consumer benefits linked to it,” says Klas Bendrik, Group CIO at Volvo Car Group.

It isn’t clear if or when Volvo plans to being marketing the system to the general public.

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  • Alfie

    Volvo has some seriously innovative minds.