The Worst Car Dealership Ad You’ve Ever Seen

The Worst Car Dealership Ad You’ve Ever Seen

One year ago, South Side Mitsubishi in Edmonton, Canada gave birth to something special on YouTube. 

We were lucky enough to stumble across it earlier today and decided to spend a moment saluting Nelson Berry (the star of the ad) for throwing taste and tact out the window in “We Rep The South Side,” a music video that has gone woefully unrecognized since its release.

Berry’s delivery is bested only by his penchant for making the sort of “duck faces” teenage girls bully each other over on Facebook. If monochromatic filter effects and gratuitous crotch shots don’t say “trustworthy customer service,” what does?

The top-voted YouTube comment might sum things up best, saying its “still better than Lil Wayne.”

After all, who needs slick editing and a big budget when you have something this memorable instead?

  • Jeff T

    I think it’s epic. Glad to see the dealer likes what they do. Shows they are proud which usually means good service.

  • Hajime Kishi

    the worst? this vid s arguably the best pv i ve ever saw man!

  • Nick Caldwell

    I’d rather see this on a regular basis (and I hate rap/hiphop) than the usual cheesy, stale, looking businessman standing in their car lot’s; with their wife’s obviously surgically enhanced breasts.

  • Dielawn

    Definitely didn’t expect this to be from Edmonton. So bad it’s amazing.