10 Big Lies People Make on Car Insurance Applications

10 Big Lies People Make on Car Insurance Applications

According to a recent survey, one in three insurance applicants have lied in the hope of get cheaper auto insurance rates.

According to CarInsurance.com a total of 34 percent of drivers surveyed omitted information or supplied false information to their car insurance providers with men more likely to lie than women. Drivers under the age of 30 were three times more likely to submit lies than drivers over 50.

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So what are the top 10 things people lie about on car insurance applications?

  1. Annual mileage: 36.3 percent
  2. Where their car is parked:  32.4 percent
  3. Names of drivers with access to vehicle: 25.1 percent
  4. Tickets or accident history: 20.5 percent
  5. Gaps in insurance coverage: 19.2 percent
  6. School or teen driver’s grades: 18.9 percent
  7. If the car has an anti-theft device: 17.4 percent
  8. Primary type of vehicle use (business, school or work):  17.3 percent
  9. Education level: 16.9 percent
  10. Marital status: 16.9 percent

Falling just off the top-10 list, a total of 15.8 percent of people lied about how long they had been licensed for, while 15.7 percent lied about having major modifications done to their vehicle.

The online survey conducted involved 2,000 licensed drivers and took place in October 2013 with respondents divided evenly by sex, age groups 18 to 65 and by geographic regions.

  • Cherry Chen

    This is awful.. don’t they know that if they ever have an accident they will be denied their claim due to misrepresentation? Sure, you might be able to get away for it, but not for long…
    If cheap insurance rates are what you are seeking by lying on your insurance application, you don’t need to lie to find them. Just shop around. 4AutoInsuranceQuote and Insurance Panda are two of the sites I use. (I switch polices every six months to keep rates low)… I usually pay less than $25 for insurance. You just have to shop around… you don’t need to lie.