2014 Porsche 911 GT3 Engine Replacement Confirmed

2014 Porsche 911 GT3 Engine Replacement Confirmed

Every one of Porsche’s already-built 2014 911 GT3 sports cars will undergo an engine replacement.

Porsche spokesman Nick Twork confirmed today that the company intends to replace the engines in each of the 785 cars affected by a recall issued last month. The German brand asked owners last month to stop driving their cars immediately after two in Europe caught fire after the engines were damaged. Twork confirmed that the connecting rod fasteners are to blame.

“We are in the process of validating the revised part,” he said in a telephone interview. “We will be replacing the engines in each of the 911 GT3s that have been built thus far.”

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He could not provide an exact timeline, but said the company is trying to be transparent about the flaw and that the final decision for the fix was made “very recently.” Users on enthusiast forum Rennlist report having received notification form their dealers earlier today.

The repair will require roughly a day once Porsche dealers begin receiving the revised engines. “It will take us a little while to build the engines. I don’t know specific timeframe but we’ll do it as quickly as we possible can,” Twork said.

Customers that buy the GT3 are typically especially enthusiastic about the brand. The hardcore 911 is a stripped-down model that puts cabin comfort in a distant second place to performance and that’s the characteristic its buyers expect.

Porsche surprised many of its fans when it unveiled the car with a dual-clutch transmission rather than the manual transmission its previous generations stuck to. The PDK transmission used is specific to the GT3 application and can de-couple from the engine if the driver pulls on both paddles simultaneously, a feature exclusive to the GT3.

The model’s significance is further underscored by how willing the brand is to deal with the issue head-on. “We’re going to be speaking with each of the customers individually,” Twork said when asked if the company means to compensate affected owners beyond replacing the engines, saying Porsche’s “first priority is to minimize the inconvenience to our customers.”

The 911 GT3 carries a starting MSRP of just over $131,000.

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  • Rickers

    I remember when Porsche’s used to be good.

  • Frank H

    I’d laugh really hard if it was the PDK that was at fault.

  • Shifty

    They are still good. Some of the best cars on the planet. Top JD power results and WORLD CLASS performance.

  • scw211

    Throw the new carrera around the track and tell me it’s not good.

  • scw211

    Everyone talks crap on the PDK but the PDK is an awesome transmission. Once you have driven big power cars with dual clutch systems you don’t want to go back. On the street it’s easy peasy at the track you concentrate on driving and not on mis-shifting or bouncing off the rev limiter…

  • narg

    Pulling both levers seems to me to be something that would make most folks lose concentration…

  • narg

    Throw a new Corvette around the track and tell me it’s not better. 🙂

  • scw211

    Most tracks it’s not better. 2wd big-power can only be applied in certain areas and only by very good drivers. I just bought an M5 and compared to my nissan gtr and porsche 911 turbo there’s no comparison in being able to put power on the ground (granted it’s a PORKY car). The corvette is heavier than the porsche and lacks AWD and the powertrain efficiency. The vette is a great car – but it’s not better for most drivers compared to the porsche. Unless you are a professional driver your corvette wouldn’t be able to keep pace with say a Porsche Carrera 4s at most track. There are some big power tracks that will make a difference though.

  • scw211

    Judging by your comments I’m not sure you’ve ever gotten behind the wheel of a dual clutch / sequential big-power car….

  • Sebastian Rodriguez Camargo

    Save The Manuals.

  • Sebastian Rodriguez Camargo

    Save Manuals.

  • scw211

    Manual transmissions are over-rated. Ironically today I lost to a new SL63 AMG because of all things I mis-shifted 3rd gear (997 911 turbo). There’s no benefit of manuals only downside.

  • Sebastian Rodriguez Camargo

    Ok, you like automatic, I love manual. We have different points of view, but God we love racing!!!!!!! Have a nice day!!! 😀 .

  • Erik Awas

    I will gladly take one of the the old engines.

  • jason larose

    God created the 3rd pedal for a reason..it connects the driver to the car and makes them 1

  • scw211

    And that’s why the Ferrari 458 and the Nissan GTR employs dual clutch sequential systems also? The reality is dual clutch cars are faster and that’s the bottom line. At the track when you’re not worrying about shifting your focused on DRIVING.

  • O. Urungus

    But God only gave us 2 feet and my left foot enjoys working the brake pedal exclusively. My right foot happily takes care of acceleration.