2015 Audi RS6 Avant Revealed in Spy Photos

2015 Audi RS6 Avant Revealed in Spy Photos

Time stands still for no one, especially automakers. Today’s hot new vehicle is tomorrow’s also-ran product. Constant updates, tweaks and changes are mandatory in the car business. To keep up with ever-tougher competition Audi is giving its A6 range a facelift as our spy photographers have found.

This update should also include the scorching-hot RS6 model, a vehicle any car enthusiast would be proud to own. The avant version of this Autobahn-stormer can clearly be seen in the provided images.

Outside the car’s update is fairly minor; it should maintain it’s clean, tasteful styling and large single-frame grille. However, it’s likely the giant spot lights on its roof will not make it into production, and we’re not sure if we’re happy about that.

Audi may be standing mostly pat on the exterior and that’s ok, but hopefully they pull a rabbit out of their top hat when it comes to the car’s cabin. Sure, the A6’s interior is a splendid place to spend time but more is always better; updates are always appreciated. Audi is known for its amazing interiors and we’re hoping they raised the bar with the new A6 lineup.

These cars are expected to be unveiled as 2015 models, which means they should be formally revealed soon.

GALLERY: 2015 Audi RS6 Spy Photos


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