2015 Jeep Renegade to Offer Diesel Engine in US

2015 Jeep Renegade to Offer Diesel Engine in US

Editor’s Note: Contrary to early reports, official specifications have revealed that the Jeep Renegade will not be offered with a diesel in the US at launch. It will be fit with a 1.4-liter or a 2.4-liter gasoline engine in the US. For more on the new Jeep Renegade, click here.

The new 2015 Jeep Renegade will be sold exclusively with four-wheel drive in the US along with the option of a diesel engine. 

Jeep confirmed to Automotive News that the Renegade will be offered with both gas and diesel powerplants, both of which will be assembled in the US. The motors will also be built in Italy and Brazil, suggesting that all three markets will get the option of both powerplants.

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In the US, the Renegade will be sold exclusively with 4WD, and it will also offer a more off-road focused Trailhawk version. Jeep says that an open-air version will also be made available after the model launches. It will also be the first small crossover to use a nine-speed transmission.

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The small Jeep will make its official debut tomorrow at the Geneva Motor Show.

GALLERY: 2015 Jeep Renegade Live Photos


GALLERY: 2015 Jeep Renegade


[Source: Automotive News]

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  • Ryan Alexander

    Where is the diesel WRANGLER we have been asking for?!

  • hotdog vendor

    no s&#t!!! really!!!

  • usedtobeajeepfan

    This is it…

  • CDNTech

    If that is the new Wrangler, I’m keeping my TJ and perhaps getting a used JK.

  • Real Jeeps Don’t Have IFS

    Who put a Jeep grill on that KIA? Also, why does that crappy KIA need a diesel?

  • Ryan Alexander

    Can’t you read? That’s an entire new model of Jeep called the “Renegade” and is not a Renegade version of a Wrangler. Maybe you’d still be a Jeep fan, Mr. Usedtobeajeepfan if you could read. Properly.

  • Don R

    So did fiat rape jeep??

  • javadog

    No deesel no thanks

  • alaskatime

    Looks like a POS Fiat with a jeep grill how pathetic

  • tony

    they will be very valuable in 20 years all 3 of them

  • tony

    call me, ill pull that out,,,,,for a price , laughing’s free.

  • tony

    ill keep my jk and vomit.

  • Jacqueline Burnett-Brown

    This is sacrilege! My first Jeep was a Renegade.. THAT is not a Renegade…. that is a mutation of Zeus only knows what and what… and no real Jeep person would buy that!!!!!

  • Brad

    Sometime people’s nature is to resist change even some think that the Rubicon is ready to tackle off road…not. Time will tell it would be a mall crawer for sure and suitable for winter areas.