2015 Nissan Murano New York Debut Announced

2015 Nissan Murano New York Debut Announced

Nissan’s newest crossover will make its debut next month in New York City.

The 2015 Murano is being teased today ahead of its official debut, which Nissan confirmed will take place during the2014 New York Auto Show. Official information about the car is still unannounced, but don’t be surprised if it maintains the same V6 engine and continuously-variable transmission recipe as seen on the previous generation.

If the Resonance concept – thought of as a preview to the 2015 Murano – is any indicator, there could also be a hybrid model. At the time, Nissan said the concept was powered by a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine and an electric motor mated to a CVT and an all-wheel drive system.

While the concept cars’ space age design will be toned down for series production, the teaser image released today shows that at least some of the design elements will carry over. Nissan released the image above along with a short, dimly lit clip showing a sharply-angled headlight that is similar albeit less extreme than the headlights shown on the Resonance concept.

GALLERY: Nissan Resonance Concept


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