2016 Ford Taurus Will be a Stretched Fusion

2016 Ford Taurus Will be a Stretched Fusion

Next year, Ford will introduce its next-generation Taurus and expect it to gain some major improvements.

As the quest continues for various automakers to maximize fuel efficiency and performance, the redesigned Taurus will also be lighter and faster.

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In addition, the American automaker is expected to add a nine-speed automatic transmission to the lineup. The next-generation sedan will share a platform with the Ford Fusion, rather than the current version that’s built on a modified Volvo platform.

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Ford will stretch and widen the Fusion platform in order to support the new Taurus along with the wheelbase getting extended and the rear overhang lengthened. It’s unknown what Ford’s target fuel economy is for its new Taurus, but the current Taurus is rated at 19 MPG in the city and 29 MPG on the highway.

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  • danwat1234

    Hopefully a hybrid version (and AWD hybrid version) so police vehicles can get good MPG with all the needless idling they do

  • Saud

    haha~ they badly need it.