Feds Reviewing General Motors Ignition Switch Recall

Feds Reviewing General Motors Ignition Switch Recall

U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx has requested a thorough review into the GM ignition switch recall.

Foxx has asked the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s inspector general to look into whether federal safety officials conducted a proper investigation into the GM recall that has been linked to 12 deaths and 31 crashes. The Transportation Secretary has also directed NHTSA and the department’s Office of General Counsel “to jointly and collaboratively conduct an internal, due diligence review” of how the agency handled the reports of deaths and complaints.

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Most recently, NHTSA has come under fire for not recalling the Saturn Ion, despite having the same power steering issue as two other recalled vehicles. According to a one-page memo issued by Foxx, the audit is being conducted to “ensure that DOT and NHTSA have a full understanding of the facts regarding the GM recall and can take corrective actions to enhance NHTSA’s safety function to the extent necessary and appropriate.”

Foxx also issued a statement saying that “at the present time, we are not aware of any information to suggest that NHTSA failed to properly carry out its safety mission based on the data available to it and processes it followed.”

[Source: Detroit News]

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