Audi Considering Sports Car Smaller Than TT

Audi Considering Sports Car Smaller Than TT

Audi is considering bringing a new small sports car to market that would slot in beneath the TT, and would be based on the next-generation Volkswagen Polo.

“At Audi we have the A1 which is very sporty… we have just launched S1 as a four-wheel drive. I think something more sporty is possible to run in the zero [vehicle size] segment. I can imagine with successor [to A1] we are doing something even more sporty,” Audi chief technical officer Dr Ulrich Hackenberg told Car Advice. 

The new sports car would ride on the downsized MQB platform that is being used for the next-generation VW Polo, though the sports car is not likely to be a hatchback considering Audi already has the S1. Hackenberg even has an engine in mind already for the small sports car. “The engine I presented today [in the Audi TT Quattro sport concept] is a 420hp engine that can also be fitted in this package.”

Car Advice suggests that the new sports car could be something like the Audi e-Tron Spyder Concept (seen above), which measures in just a hair longer than the Audi A1, but is about 120mm shorter than the new TT.

Gallery: Audi e-Tron Spyder Concept


[Source: Car Advice]

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