Audi R&D Boss Hints at 7-Passenger SUV Powertrain

Audi R&D Boss Hints at 7-Passenger SUV Powertrain

Could the production Volkswagen CrossBlue concept have a turbocharged VR-6 engine under the hood?

Audi‘s new R&D chief Ulrich Hackenberg hinted at that notion in a recent interview with Car and Driver. In discussing about the VR-6 engine and whether or not it’s long for the world, Hackenberg stated that demand for the VR-6 is limited right now, but if the German automaker had “a large SUV or something heavier than the Passat with a transversely-mounted engine,” the VR-6 could have a future in the markets that demand it.

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Earlier this year, Volkswagen confirmed production plans for a seven-seat SUV based on the CrossBlue concept. Though Hackenberg said a decision hasn’t been made to move forward on the powerplant, it’s under consideration for the larger SUVs that the German automaker wants to bring to market. As for larger engines, the future of the Volkswagen Group could see Audi focusing on six-cylinder powerplants while Porsche develops the eight-cylinder engines.

GALLERY: Volkswagen CrossBlue Concept

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[Source: Car and Driver]

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