The Audi TT Could be Offered as a Sedan

The Audi TT Could be Offered as a Sedan

Since the debut of the new TT, Audi has been clear that more versions of the sports car are under consideration, with the latest rumor suggesting a sedan could be in the works.

Shortly after the 2015 Audi TT debuted earlier this year, the German automaker confirmed that it’s looking into adding variants to the TT line, expanding it into a family of cars that could include a crossover model. It is believed that Audi wants to create a family car sporting the TT nameplate and a sedan model could fit the bill. Generally speaking, sales of sporty coupe models are declining worldwide while the compact premium market has grown in recent years. Global sales of the compact Audi A3 increased from 164,666 units in 2012 to 221,097 last year while the Q3 grew nearly 50 percent from 106,466 to 152,163.

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So naturally, the biggest opportunity for Audi would be to bring its TT sports car to the compact sedan market that would directly rival the popular Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class. However, Audi will be keeping a close eye to see how the A3 does in the U.S. market before making a decision on whether or not a TT sedan would make sense.

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[Source: Autocar]

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  • Rickers

    It sounds stupid at first, but I bet a TT sedan would look pretty sweet!

  • Peter Negru

    oh no….audi is become BMW