BMW M4 DTM Race Car Targets Audi, Mercedes

BMW M4 DTM Race Car Targets Audi, Mercedes

BMW has unveiled its new M4 DTM race car, sporting a menacingly low profile that looks ready to take out the competition.

According to BMW Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt, the team had already begun development on the M4 DTM race car before the M3 DTM completed its final race last season. Since this time around BMW was developing an all-new car for DTM, the team benefitted from the “wealth of experience gained over the last two seasons.”

The new race car will make its first public appearance on the track at the official ITR tests in Budapest, Hungary on March 31 and then at the final test at Hockenheim on April 14. BMW will then host the official presentation of all eight BMW M4 DTMs in Munich’s BMW Welt on April 25.

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The new race car weighs in at around 2,447 lbs with a driver and is made entirely from ultra-light and durable materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum. Powering the race car is BMW’s P66 engine with approximately 480 hp with the air restrictor specified for the 2014 regulations. The P66 engine is a V8 powerplant and is likely a tweaked version of the M3 DTM’s race motor.

Make sure to check out the photos of the crazy steering wheel that BMW will be using in its M4 DTM race car. According to the German automaker, the steering wheel sports additional status displays and a customized layout of the controls make it even more comfortable for the drivers to use.



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