BMW Rapid Electric Car Charger Under Development

BMW Rapid Electric Car Charger Under Development

Electric cars would be much easier to sell if they didn’t take so long to charge and BMW might have a solution up its sleeve. 

The German automaker is rumored to be working on a new, much faster Direct Current (DC) charging technology that could cut charging time from hours with today’s Alternating Current (AC) technology to mere minutes. The news comes from Weiland Bruch, the corporate communications head for the BMW i sub-brand.

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Unfortunately Bruch didn’t supply any details to the technology, but promised that an announcement will be made soon. As for how the BMW i3 is doing in terms of sales, Bruch mentioned that demand has exceeded expectations and supply in Europe and sales hasn’t even begun in the U.S. or China. The possibility of increasing production on the i3 is on the table, as the German automaker is currently producing 70 units a day.

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