BMW X2 Confirmed for 2017 Launch

BMW X2 Confirmed for 2017 Launch

Think BMW is done revamping its lineup and adding models? Think again.

The German automaker has officially announced that it’ll be adding an X2 Sports Activity Coupe to its growing lineup of vehicles and will be introduced in 2017. The crossover will be sister vehicles to the new MINI Countryman and Paceman and will be based on the X1. Available in xDrive form only, buyers will be able to opt for either a traditional five-door setup or a sportier three-door version.

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Unfortunately, BMW has only shared a low-res sketch of the X2, but expect the new model to resemble the 2 Series Active Tourer, just sportier. In addition, expect the next-generation MINI Country to gain influence from the Dakar-winning car and become a proper go-anywhere vehicle. As for the Paceman, it will feature five doors for added practicality with a more stylish and sportier design than ever before.

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