California Begins Drafting Driverless Car Laws

California Begins Drafting Driverless Car Laws

California has begun putting together regulations that will oversee how driverless cars can be used on the State’s roads. 

Before the end of the year, the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) says that it will have a complete set of rules and regulations to govern over driverless cars.

The process began with an initial public hearing to discuss the main concerns raised when talking about driverless vehicles. Some of the questions raised were: does there need to be a driver behind the wheel? Are owners at fault if their vehicle hits another while they are not behind the wheel? How will the State know these cars are safe?

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Three other states have passed law on driverless cars, but most of those rules have to do with testing, rather than how these cars will be governed once in the hands of consumers.

Currently, California law requires driverless cars to log records of operation, which raised privacy concerns, as many citizen see driverless cars as just another way to be tracked during day to day outings.

Fully autonomous vehicles are not quite ready yet, but many predict that they will be on sale by 2020.