Cops Love Ford’s Police Interceptor SUV

Cops Love Ford’s Police Interceptor SUV

If you’re being pulled over or put in cuffs, there’s a good chance Ford will be assisting in the arrest. 

Last year, the American automaker sold 14,086 Explorer-based Interceptor SUVs while the Ford Taurus Interceptor saw 10,897 units moved. Combined, Ford accounts for nearly half of all police vehicles sold among the major brands including Dodge, Ford and Chevrolet.

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As a whole, the police vehicle industry is up 22 percent last year and according to Ford, 90 percent of the Interceptors sold come with standard all-wheel drive. Turbocharged EcoBoost engines are being offered with the vehicles, providing additional performance that the police force demands.

GALLERY: Ford Police Interceptors


[Source: USA Today]

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  • Cory Ray

    I’ve seen cops in everything from Fiesta (forensics) to E/F250s. I hardly ever see the other makes. Plenty of Crown Vics still hanging around too.