Death Row Vipers of No Significance Says Chrysler

Death Row Vipers of No Significance Says Chrysler

In response to news reports that it has demanded as many as 100 donated Dodge Viper sports cars be destroyed, Chrysler has released a statement declaring the cars both obsolete and insignificant.

According to the American automaker, those Dodge Viper vehicles were donated to various trade schools for educational purposes and now that those vehicles are unlikely to offer any educational value to students, they are being destroyed. Chrysler elaborated that it is part of the donation process and is standard procedure for donated vehicles to be destroyed when they are no longer needed for their intended educational purposes.

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The company acknowledged that it “fully understands and appreciates the historical significance of the Viper and is very active in preserving many of its legendary models and designs for historic purposes.” However, the statement continues, “none of these vehicles fit into this category.”

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  • Jeffrey McCollum

    They donated them now they want them destroyed. Seems too late for that. And when I grew up we would call that an “Indian giver” Someone who gives something and wants it back, not a good company policy in my opinion

  • Zac

    It was more so a loan program than a donation program. The original terms stated that they must be destroyed if Chrysler requested.

  • NormSon

    I worked for a number of racing teams who received vehicles like this from other manufacturers to build production-based race cars that could never be licensed or driven on the street. In this way, we were the “scrappers” who destroyed the cars.