Ford C-MAX Commercial Spoofs Cadillac ‘Poolside’ Ad

Ford C-MAX Commercial Spoofs Cadillac ‘Poolside’ Ad

Ford has gotten in on the fun, parodying the Cadillac ELR ad that poked fun at Europeans.

Titled “Upside,” the new commercial stars the Ford C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid and spoofs the Cadillac ELR’s “Poolside” ad. In Ford’s version of the commercial, it has Pasho Murray, founder of green company Detroit Dirt, recreating the Cadillac ad but twisting Neil McDonough’s original dialogue to match Murray’s message of green living.

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The contrast between the two ads are remarkable, and it’s done in good fun. If you were a fan of the Cadillac ELR ad, this one is a must watch.

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  • Honest Abe

    You can keep your loser liberal BS. I LOVED the Caddy ad. America is going down the tubes with Obama at the helm.