Ford Fights Driving Selfies with Free Training Course

Ford Fights Driving Selfies with Free Training Course

If you have ever taken a picture of yourself behind the wheel while driving, one American automakers wants to teach you a lesson. 

Ford driving skills for life, as the program is known, is a free driver’s course aimed at novice drivers. The program looks to reinforce classic driver training while also warning against new-age distracted driving problems, specifically the “driving selfie.”

This is a new trend where drivers take photos of themselves while behind the wheel, and Ford is directly combating it with education. Drivers will be asked to complete a course while also attempting to take driving selfies, to show just how distracting the practice is.

The company has also developed a “drunk suit,” which is meant to replicate the physical set backs that are experienced after drinking.

Over 30,000 teens have been trained in the U.S. by Ford’s driver education program which has been going since 2003. This year, the program will stop in 11 U.S. cities, including Dallas, Springfield, Ill., Chicago, Detroit, Salt Lake City, Denver, Kansas City,  Indianapolis, Charleston, W.Va., Phoenix and Tucson.

15 international markets are also served by the program, and Ford has plans to expand to Belgium, Romania, Malaysia and Myanmar.

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