GM CEO to Oversee Review of Ignition Switch Recall

GM CEO to Oversee Review of Ignition Switch Recall

General Motors CEO Mary Barra has issued out a statement concerning the recent ignition-switch recall that ultimately affected 1.6-million vehicles.

The recall, which has also been linked to 13 deaths and 31 crashes, has been under scrutiny for its timing and GM has been accused of downplaying the issue in prior years. According to a report, the American automaker cancelled an approved redesign of the ignition key head in 2005, and by the end of 2007 it had been aware of 10 frontal crashes where the air bags did not deploy.

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In her letter posted to the company’s intranet that was addressed to GM employees, Barra oddly mentions that the issue was actually brought up to her team “a few weeks ago.” It does seem strange how long it took for the company to act, but regardless, Barra reiterated that the company will do everything it needs to do to resolve the issue and has “sincerely apologized to our customers and others who have a stake in GM’s success.”

Barra also announced that GM has begun an internal review of the matter “to give us an unvarnished report of what happened.”

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