Mobility Ventures MV-1 Production Resumes

Mobility Ventures MV-1 Production Resumes

A vehicle designed from the ground up for people with disabilities is back on the market.

In September 2013, AM General agreed to purchase Vehicle Production Group (VGP), gaining the rights to produce the MV-1, the world’s only vehicle created with wheelchair accessibility in mind. Previously, the MV-1 was built alongside the Hummer H2, but once the Hummer brand got the axe, production of the MV-1 ceased.

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But now AM General has unveiled the first production MV-1 since it was discontinued and demand for the vehicle is high according to Mobility Ventures. Production of the MV-1 is taking place in the City of Mishakawa and the project, along with a planned foreign military order of Humvees has added about 200 workers to the factory.

Sales of the MV-1 are expected to start on April 1, and the vehicle is built to seat up to six adults with two full-size wheelchairs.

[Source: Fox28]