GMC Working on Hummer-Inspired Off Roader

GMC Working on Hummer-Inspired Off Roader

It might come as a surprise considering GM’s history with Hummer, but the company is reportedly working on a Hummer-inspired SUV that will be sold exclusively through the GMC brand. 

According to a recent report, the American automaker is in the process of building an off-road SUV inspired by Hummer vehicles that will target the Jeep market, specifically the Wrangler. GMC says that it will be an all-new model, rather than just a Terrain with a lift kit and skid plates.

Hummer’s demise came as GM ran into tough times with bankruptcy, though poor fuel economy truly doomed the brand. But times have changed and more fuel-efficient engines and transmissions have been developed, and the off-road market has picked up steam.

It’s also an interesting time for GM to develop the model, considering the Toyota FJ Cruiser has now been discontinued, leaving few direct competitors for the Jeep Wrangler.

[Source: The Car Guide]

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  • Cory Ray

    With the Raptor and Reaper, Mustang and Camaro, etc… I wouldn’t be too surprised to see Ford bringing back the Bronco nameplate to counter this.

  • Seven23

    I hope with this new vehicle they would reviving the hummer name the same time !!