Holden Tuner HSV Might Move Business to US

Holden Tuner HSV Might Move Business to US

General Motors’ choice to stop manufacturing Holden vehicles in Australia could have some entertaining consequences for driving enthusiasts in the U.S.

Holden Special Vehicles (HSV) parent company, the Walkinshaw Group, isn’t ready to toss in the towel and stop tuning rear-wheel drive V8 products from General Motors. But doing that means moving outside the Australian market and the company is considering the possibility of tuning vehicles sold in the U.S. The company told Motorting.com.au that they think it could work, but that the possibility of such a venture will hinge on discussions with GM moving forward.

“We think something like that could work,” Walkinshaw Group Chairman Ryan Walkinshaw said. “There’s a lot of factors we have to take into account.”

Since last year’s announcement that Holden would shutter its Australian manufacturing operations, HSV has maintained that it intends to continue operating. Chevrolet’s next-generation Camaro is expected to arrive in 2015 on GM’s Alpha platform, which underpins the Cadillac ATS and CTS.

The transition would be germane to HSV’s plan to continue producing vehicles, although General Motors plan to build Alpha-based cars out of its Lansing, Mich. plant could prompt HSV to start operating in the U.S.

[Source: Motoring.com.au]

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