Honda Accord Coupe vs. Ford Mustang GT vs. Audi A5

Honda Accord Coupe vs. Ford Mustang GT vs. Audi A5

Ask AutoGuide No. 41

Ask AutoGuide is our community outreach program. Drivers in need of car-buying assistance call on us and we respond with a helping hand, a kind word or a stern warning; if they’re lost we can provide a map and some direction. Usually we recommend sensible sedans, handy hatchbacks or miserly mini-models, but this week we get to have a little fun.

All work and no play makes Chris a very dull boy. He’s an enthusiast that’s looking for a little fun. Sure, he could take the bus downtown and visit any gentlemen’s club of his choosing, but a new automobile is probably cheaper than partially financing the college education of a dancer named Avalon. Plus, who wants to walk around with a fat wad of George Washingtons in their pocket? Paying with a cashier’s check is much easier.

Stardust Unicorn Club

East-CoastWhen it comes to shopping, Chris has a generous budget of up to 40 grand, which gives him plenty of options. But what exactly does he want? Well, he’s not too sure.

Residing on America’s East Coast, decent all-weather traction is somewhat important to him but he’s still wide open to rear-wheel drive (winter tires FTW). Additionally, a backup camera and navigation system would be nice but rims that span at least 18 inches are a must. Finally, the transmission is a deal-breaker as well; he cannot live without a manual gearbox and we salute him for that. If we had 21 guns they’d all be pointed to the sky and fired simultaneously.

Giving this week’s installment of Ask AutoGuide a sense of multiculturalism, Chris is totally impartial when it comes to brand and it seems he isn’t too concerned about body style, either. Corresponding via e-mail he brought up several Lexus IS models as possible options but unfortunately none of them can be had with a manual, so scratch that. In any event, here are a few recommendations.

  • HondaPro Jason

    I would choose the Honda Accord hands down. It’s the best everyday car for under $40k (well under $40k) It offers the best tech, safety and of course Hondas reliability.

  • Jackson

    Right on. I know you work at honda, so you’re gonna be biased. But I’m partial toward Hondas too, so naturally I’d pick the accord too. Heres why.

    The mustang is still a Ford, so naturally reliability is out the window. Also its a current gen mustang, so if you want to turn and be “maneuverable” and whatnot, mustang’s a no-go. If you really want that V8 muscle, wait for 2015, when they do away with the ox-cart axle.

    Audi is overpriced, as well as expensive as hell to fix. My civic Si cost about half as much and has similar power to this car. Psh. Audis ARE really nice tho.

    So the winner (to me) is the accord. Enough grunt to keep up with other turbo 4s and v6s, yet extremely reliable and damn comfy. Honda FTW.

    Oh and FWD Is way better for all seasons. Good luck going nowhere in the snow, RWD.

  • Maximania

    This is easy. You choose none of the above, and go with a 2015 Mustang GT if you have the money. It’s proper rear-drive, more power than ever for the V8, it’s got IRS, quality and aesthetics have dramatically increased because the car is a true world-wide statement now, and none of those make a statement quite like driving a Mustang GT.

    P.S. this is coming from a guy who drives a V6 Accord coupe. Don’t settle for anything less than you want, otherwise you’ll look back and regret it

  • Isend2C

    You’d have a hard time finding that Audi on the dealership lot. a VW GTI would have the same features as the A5 for 75% of the price.
    I’d put the Hyundai Genesis Coupe against the Accord as it’s priced similarly and has the advantage of RWD and a power output between both the Accord and Mustang.
    Out of those I’d pick the Accord though.