Honda Civic Type R Concept Video, First Look

Honda Civic Type R Concept Video, First Look

Honda has once again gave North American car enthusiasts something to be jealous of: The Honda Civic Type-R Concept.

Making its grand debut at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, the Civic Type R Concept is powered by a 2.0-liter turbo-four engine with around 280 hp. The vehicle is set to debut next year and the Japanese automaker has been thoroughly testing its front-wheel drive sports car at the Nurburgring hoping to claim a record.

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Its aggressive styling and sporty good looks shows that Honda hasn’t entirely lost its touch with the sports car community, it’s just a real shame it’s unlikely to reach North American shores.

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GALLERY: Honda Civic Type R Concept Live Photos


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  • ed

    Jason From Honda pro show said it was coming to North America like 2 weeks ago why is everyone so unsure, I just want to have it here to trash these slow hatches

  • James Buttery

    Its not commngto the US

  • William Davidson

    Why the f*** isn’t this coming to America?

  • Kevin Hack

    Bring back the RSX!

  • Bob Dobalina

    If Jason from Honda Pro Show said it then surely it is true. In related news, Bob Dobalina says that Japan is now shipping R33s to the states in mint condition at 1993 prices. Ed receives his shortly after paying full price – wired directly to Bob’s offshore Swiss account. Small shipping fee, of course.

  • Rickers

    I don’t know if they should bring it back.. but Acura really should be selling a car like that now. It would be a hit! Everyone wants “compact premium”. Even the Germans are doing it.

  • Frank H

    Does Jason even know what he’s talking about?

  • Aj

    Americans never get the good vehicles

  • mahadragon

    I would love to see this car on American shores but I think the cost will be hideously expensive. I would not be surprised if starting price were near $40k or possibly even higher.

    Also, I think when it comes to American cars, I think Honda mostly sells cars made in North America. Honda Civic is made in Ohio I believe. And I think Honda also may have some models made in Mexico.

    1 reason this Type R Civic isn’t coming to America could have something to do with where it’s made. If they have to import it, that means tariffs which also means higher price.