Honda Civic Type R Being Petitioned for North America

Honda Civic Type R Being Petitioned for North America

For over a decade, Honda has neglected to bring any iteration of the Civic Type-R to North America.

With the debut of the Honda Civic Type R Concept at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, one enthusiast is hoping to change the Japanese automaker’s mind by starting an online petition to bring the turbocharged hatchback to North America. Unfortunately for Nikos Stoufis, the man behind the petition, it won’t be as simple as he hopes.

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The Civic Type R Concept shown at the Geneva Motor Show is based on a body style that isn’t sold in North America. It would probably be prohibitively expensive for Honda to adapt the car to meet U.S. specifications. Currently, the petition has over 9,000 supporters.

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  • Kinetis

    Maybe in 2016, when the new civic designed for North America arrives in showrooms.

  • Shiratori1

    While I do want this here, I think that it’s more realistic that the drivetrain from the Type-R will be put into the next Civic Si instead (which I would be satisfied with). Regardless of whatever they decide to do, it NEEDS to have an automatic transmission (not offering one would just send potential sales to the WRX).