Honda Testing Traffic Light Beating Technology

Honda Testing Traffic Light Beating Technology

Next month, Honda will begin public testing of a technology that will help drivers avoid traffic lights.

Similar to the technology that Audi debuted at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, Honda’s “Universal Traffic Management System” will tell drivers whether or not they will be able to pass through an intersection before the light changes via an on-board display by telling them what speed to maintain. It will also give drivers a countdown until red lights turn green. The trial will take place in Utsunomiya City in the Tochigi Prefecture in Japan in collaboration with the Tochigi Prefectural Police and UTMS Society of Japan.

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The large-scale and long-term public road testing will allow the Japanese automaker to see how functional and effective such a system would be in production vehicles.

Approximately 100 vehicles will be used in the test and will last about a year in order to judge its effectiveness in reducing emissions and fuel economy. More importantly however, Honda will observe the impact on traffic flow to determine whether or not to commercialize such a system.

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  • bilbo baggins

    This already exists. It’s called crosswalk countdown displays. You can see them when you approach an intersection and know how many seconds until the light is going to turn. Look at the opposing direction while stopped to get a countdown to green.

  • Jim Jim

    I’m not sure where you live, but most cities don’t have those.

  • J Mac

    Did you know some studies have shown those countdown crosswalks actually lead to more accidents. I wonder if this new Honda system will as well.