Hardcore Alfa Romeo 4C Model Under Consideration

Hardcore Alfa Romeo 4C Model Under Consideration

The Alfa Romeo 4C has yet to arrive North America and the Italian automaker is already considering an even more hardcore model.

Alfa Romeo plans on giving the 4C sports car annual updates throughout its life cycle to keep it exciting and fresh, or as they would say, “enthusiasm alive.” According to the brand’s head of marketing, Alberto Cavaggioni, around 1,700 orders for the Alfa Romeo 4C have been placed in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The predicted life cycle for the 4C will be “at least” four to five years according to Cavaggioni, and the automaker is not ruling out a hotter “RS” model.

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But the most exciting news for potential 4C buyers might be the fact that they’ll be able to order one with the non-ugly headlights seen on the 4C Spider which debuted at the Geneva Motor Show. As for the production 4C Spider, Alfa Romeo is hoping to bring it to market by 2015, as part of its keeping “enthusiasm alive” policy for the sports car.

GALLERY: Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Live Photos


GALLERY: Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Official Photos


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