Hyundai Intrado Concept is a Futuristic Transport Pod

Hyundai Intrado Concept is a Futuristic Transport Pod

Hyundai unveiled its Intrado concept today at the Geneva Motor Show, calling the hydrogen powered concept a preview of the brand’s approach to compact crossover cars.

The company says the Intrado demonstrates its desire to build cars that are lighter, stronger and simpler to repair. It uses a hydrogen powertrain with a 36 kWh lithium ion battery and the company says it should be good for over 370 miles of driving range.

This is the first concept car Hyundai aimed Peter Schreyer – its secret design weapon – at, and the result is striking in person. Both the front and rear headlights take on a dramatic shape and deeply carved sections on the body complement them.

But what’s more important than how the car looks is how it was built. It is constructed around a carbon fiber reinforced plastic frame. The company says advanced joining techniques allow for it to remain light on its wheels while being especially strong.

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The company is extremely proud of the manufacturing technique it used on the Intrado and says it has the potential to change how cars are constructed. Part of the reason the new construction could be so important is that Hyundai claims it creates a frame strong enough to allow designers total freedom in choosing what the body panels are made of. Additionally, the simplified frame let the brand cut down on cabin structures to create a vehicle focused on driver needs.

Hyundai is gearing up to release hydrogen-powered vehicles. Starting in April, the company will offer Californian customers the chance to lease a fuel cell Tucson for $499 per month. Concepts like the Intrado serve to underscore the brand’s intent to continue working toward high-tech, high-efficiency transportation.

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