Lexus Dealers Demand a Minivan

Lexus Dealers Demand a Minivan

A large group of ToyotaLexus dealers in Japan are petitioning the company to bring a new vehicle into showrooms: a minivan.

But who would buy such a thing? Chauffeur-driven politicians and executives who find the backseat of the flagship Lexus LS cramped would appreciate the spacious backseat of a minivan. Rather than just a limo, today’s businessmen need an impromptu meeting room and enough space to shuttle others, but don’t want to ride in the backseat of just any family hauler.

One of the largest dealers in Japan says that Lexus can pave the way for luxury minivans, just like the company kickstarted the premium crossover segment with the RX. The dealer complained about having to shuttle his colleauges in his Toyota Alphard van (seen above), which doesn’t offer the same level of luxury as the LS, or a Lexus van would.

Dealers throughout China, Japan and other parts of Asia have also been asking for a van, to complete the Lexus lineup.

Before you get your hopes up however, Lexus executive made it clear that they don’t want a minivan.

[Source: Automotive News]

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  • Jaysragtop

    I own a Lexus LS430 and a Toyota Sienna XLE. I love both and prefer the Lexus whenever I don’t need the extra space and utility of the minivan. I would buy a Lexus minivan in a heartbeat! I hope the company listens to its owners and investigates this further!!

  • Don Burroughs

    Actually, I like the pictured Alphard model. Looks luxurious, yet more compact in terms of body shape. Probably won’t be available in North American Market.

  • Rickers

    Maybe if the Lexus GX and LX didn’t suck so much, a normal big crossover would be a great substitute for either of those and instead of a minivan.

  • I would absolutely love to have a luxury minivan in the US market. Unfortunately I am confined to a wheelchair. And I only have limited choices of minivans to purchase. The US market is ripe for luxury minivans. In my humble opinion.