Future Aston Martin Sports Cars Might be Mercedes-Based

Future Aston Martin Sports Cars Might be Mercedes-Based

Aston Martin might lean on Mercedes-Benz for more than an SUV platform. The German brand might also lend its sports car underpinnings in the future.

Mercedes-Benz’s MSA platform could play a key role in Aston Martin’s future sports cars. The MSA’s versatility would allow Aston Martin to adjust the length, width, height, wheelbase and body style of its vehicles, potentially providing an architecture for the automaker’s entire lineup. A new report suggests that Mercedes is not only willing to share its GL SUV platform, but the underpinnings for its future SLK and SLK models as well.

While rumors are brewing that Mercedes-Benz would considering buying out Aston Martin, a new report reveals that the German automaker is also willing to share its next-generation GL and SL platforms with the British automaker. The Lagonda SUV concept was based on a Mercedes-Benz GL-Class body in 2009 and both automakers have expanded their partnership since to include powertrain components.

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But time has passed and Aston Martin hasn’t made the Lagonda a reality, though Mercedes is still willing to kick in the necessary platform. The next-generation GL-Class, which is due in 2018, will be built on the German automaker’s new SUV platform that it is willing to share with Aston Martin. But naturally, money is a major issue, especially considering Aston Martin plans on revamping its entire model range in the next four years.

Official plans have yet to solidify and Daimler would likely require more shares in Aston Martin in order for the platform sharing to take place as part of a larger business agreement.

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