MINI Coupe, Roadster and Paceman May be Discontinued

MINI Coupe, Roadster and Paceman May be Discontinued

Mini is considering ditching the hatchback-based Coupe and Roadster variants along with the Countryman-based Paceman model, to focus on a three-car strategy.

According to the brand’s head of product management Oliver Friedmann, Mini is going to focus on a “three-pillar” strategy. The Mini hatchback and the larger Countryman were identified by Friedmann as two of those pillars, while the third is potentially a compact car based on the Clubman concept shown at the Geneva Motor Show.

The three-pillar focus leaves out the hatchback-based Coupe (seen above) and Roadster models, and when asked about them, Friedmann replied “It’s not decided but most probably this is not a priority.” The Paceman, which is essentially a coupe model of the five-door Countryman, “is also not a first priority,” according to Freidmann.

Sales wise, the Coupe and Roadster models sell only a fraction compared to the Mini hatchback, while the same goes for the Paceman compared to the Countryman.

GALLERY: MINI Clubman Concept


[Source: Auto News Europe]

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  • Stuff

    Good. The Roadster with its bleak hat-turned-back aesthetic was just horrible.

  • v2iper

    I happen to love my Mini coup , sorry to see it go !

  • Rickers

    I don’t want to be a jerk, but what makes you like it so much? What do you see in the car that’s different than the regular hardtop?

  • Gus

    I love mine too. I think it wasn’t marketed well. A lot of people who haven’t been into Mini are surprised to see the coupe. They like it & didn’t even realize it was an option. So happy to have mine.

  • xlthim

    By your comment I can tell you have never been in one. And by “hat-turned-back”, I have to assume you don’t know what you are even talking about, because that would describe the Coupe, not the Roadster.
    I have a Roadster S (the convertible) and it is the most fun I have ever had in a car.
    It is definitely a niche market, but is it that people like you have to be so condescending about things aren’t “your thing”. Just like music or food, people have different tastes. It doesn’t make what you don’t like any better or worse than what you do like.

  • Khalid Ansari

    Hey do you know if the roadster will be getting the refresh of the ‘new mini’. It is so sad to see it go away I was waiting for the moment when they introduce the new look to it.

  • v2iper

    I traded in a 2012 SS Camaro for my coop…..I turn more heads with the coop then I ever did with the Camaro.