Mitsubishi Mirage Gets 74.1 MPG in Hypermiling Contest

Mitsubishi Mirage Gets 74.1 MPG in Hypermiling Contest

Ever heard of a non-electrified vehicle getting 74.1 mpg?

That’s exactly what the Mitsubishi Mirage did in its hypermiling challenge, driven by Aaron Gold, an AutoGuide contributor. In a 275-mile trek from Las Vegas, Nevada to the Mitsubishi Motors North America headquarters in Cypress, California. Gold averaged 74.1 mpg while competitors Mike Austin and Joni Gray tied with 68.5 mpg.

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According to the rules of the competition, the participants were only allowed to make very minor modifications to their vehicles with all of the participants opted to try to reduce aerodynamic drag by taping over the gaps between the hood and the fenders, along with covering up sections of their vehicle’s front bumpers by varying degrees. For winning the competition, Mitsubishi donated $1,500  to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society on Gold’s behalf while Austin saw $500 donated to his charity of choice, the Wounded Warrior Project. Gray’s charity was TJ’s Dream Team, which also received a $500 donation.

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