New Fisker Plans to Bring All Concepts to Production

New Fisker Plans to Bring All Concepts to Production

Do you believe in second chances? Chinese automotive group Wanxiang certainly does.

The new owner of Fisker is optimistic about its future and has launched a new website under the banner of The company states that the public should “truly believe” it will make all of Fisker’s old concepts to reality along with the Karma sedan. Though it may seem optimistic, that means new Fisker plans on launching the Surf wagon, Sunset convertible and Atlantic sedan in the future.

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In addition, Wanxiang previously announced that it was on board with Bob Lutz’s plan to build the VL Destino, a Corvette-powered Karma model sporting a V8 powerplant rather than an electric powertrain. At that time last month, Wanxiang estimated that it would build 1,500 Karmas in the next 18 months though the company still hasn’t disclosed when it intends to start production.

While there’s still plenty of decisions and logistics to be worked out for the Fisker’s new owners, Wanxiang did announce that current Karma owners can only submit up to $2,000 in warranty claims for their vehicles up to a $400,00 aggregate amount. Once that amount is reached, owners will be out of luck.

“We understand if you are an owner and paid good money for your vehicle, $2,000 is not what you bargained for or expected,” the company says on its website. “Please understand that this provision was part of the court order that Wanxiang America Corporation assumed and accepted. We are already hard at work discussing ways that we can make this a better experience for all current Fisker owners and hope to bring better news to each owner in the near future.”

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