Next-Gen Mercedes Hydrogen Vehicle Due Around 2017

Next-Gen Mercedes Hydrogen Vehicle Due Around 2017

Mercedes is said to be working on a new vehicle powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, which should make it to the market sometime around 2017. 

Speaking with Motoring, Mercedes-Benz head of sales and marketing, Ola Kallenius, said that Mercedes is still very much invested in hyrdrogen fuel-cell technology. “On the road to emission-free mobility, hydrogen will play a role and certainly will play a greater role farther off in the future,” said Kallenius.

“We’ve already had several vehicles in the market, at a relatively low volume,” Kallenius reiterated. “But maybe in the 2017-ish timeframe there will be the next generation.” An SUV or crossover is expected to carry the next generation Mercedes fuel-cell technology.

Mercedes has already installed a hydrogen powertrain in the B-Class, but only about 200 units were produced. The biggest setback facing hydrogen power currently is lack of infrastructure, a problem that Kallenius believes may change. “For the long-term, it is a very attractive propulsion method [that] we will keep on investing in, and then we’ll see how quickly that [infrastructure] shift happens. It’s hard to tell at this stage what the dynamics of that [shift] will be.”

[Source: Motoring]

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