Tesla Sales Embattled in Ohio

Tesla Sales Embattled in Ohio

It appears that Tesla‘s fight against auto dealerships nationwide is just beginning.

Most recently, the state of New Jersey ruled that Tesla would no longer be allowed to sell its vehicles directly to the public and now auto dealers in Ohio are fighting for the same ruling. Currently Tesla has been issued a license to open its stores in Cincinnati and Columbus by the administration of republican governor John Kasich. But the Ohio Automobile Dealers Association has unsuccessfully filed legal action against the American automaker in the past but is now fighting to have a bill passed that would prohibit Tesla from expanding to new locations.

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“The bill would shut down our ability to grow in the Ohio market and, frankly, it’s just a first step to them shutting down our existing businesses,” said Tesla vice president Diarmuid O’Connell. “This is the pattern we see in other states.”

Ohio dealerships are fighting against Tesla in the same fashion that other dealerships in various states across the nation by arguing that Tesla doesn’t have the right to sell vehicles directly to consumers. According to the American automaker however, the vehicles can be difficult to sell due to their complex technology and direct sales are a necessity to help EVs get off the ground in the marketplace as well as help reduce prices.

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  • Trent

    A Tesla is a product, just like any other. Would Ohio stop me from buying an Apple iPad from an Apple store? It’s the same thing. Not embracing new business models to advance new technology will be the death of the nation…

  • Auto Motive

    How can a STATE ban sales of a product? Dealership lobbying and a bunch of money. Elon Musk must make a stand and take this to the supreme court of the state. As a consumer I do not want to buy from a dealership. In 50 years of buying cars the dealership is like going to a funeral. Last year I bought online for the first time and had the car shipped to me 700 miles and it was the best experience ever. Landmark Dodge of Morrow Ga gave me a excellent price, seamlessly explained the money transfer and the complete process and car dely took 7 business days. The states should not be able to exclude Tesla from selling their vehicles in any form.