2015 Toyota Camry Promises to be a Big Deal

2015 Toyota Camry Promises to be a Big Deal

America’s best-selling car is getting a makeover set to be seen for the first time at this year’s New York Auto Show.

Having been on the market in its current form since late 2011, Camry sales are slowing and Toyota knows that it’s high time to give its bread-and-butter sedan a boost if it wants to keep the coveted top spot. That’s exactly what the Japanese giant has planned if an ambiguous and unattributed quote cited by Automotive News proves to be true. According to the trade journal, Toyota says the revised Camry “will challenge conventional expectations of a mid-cycle model change” without elaborating further.

Like being a Sports Illustrated swimsuit photographer or professional chocolate sampler, the line of eager replacements is ever-present. The Camry still enjoyed a big lead last year over the runner-up Accord, but sales slowed this year through February. Through the first two months of this year, other mid-size sedans gained ground on the popular beige-mobile, underscoring how sorely it needs an update.

The New York Auto Show press preview kicks off on April 16, so there isn’t long until Toyota explains itself.

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[Source: Automotive News]

  • Shawn Merrill

    I love my 2007 camry, hope they give me a good reason to buy another!

  • Wisdom Seeker

    Love is not a logical emotion.

  • Meltillis

    Waiting for Toyota to come out with a Camry that gets at least 60 miles to the gallon combined (city/highway) fuel milage. I owned another brand import about 12 years ago with a diesel engine that got a little better than 60 miles to the gallon highway and about 45 miles to the gallon city. Come on, what is the hold up on better fuel milage?

  • J Mac

    That’ll be a long time I think. The 2015 Prius should get 55 or 60 MPG combined though!

  • I own both

    And yet slogans like “Subaru Love” helps sell a lot of cars … which is the bottom line!

  • Coinhunter

    My 2001 Camry/Solara convertible is still a beautiful and solid car. I receive compliments on it all the time. They need to bring the Solara convertible back with the hybrid engine. I would purchase one. I am keeping my convertible forever. It doesn’t get the best of mileage 23-25 highway 21 in town, but I simply love it.

  • Doug

    We live on the Gold Coast of Queensland and are waiting (still) for a Camry Hybrid with a plug in recharger. It is pointless relying on an internal IC engine to recharge the batteries and makes sense as we have solar panels which produce more than we use and the power company pays us for what we contribute to the grid. Electric power is the way to go; however, with no sign of one for the Australian market so far, it’s a case for us of: no socket = no sale.