Most Researched Cars of the Week: March 9 – 15

Most Researched Cars of the Week: March 9 – 15

All but one of the top five most researched cars in’s new cars shopping section this week are Japanese.

Jeep’s new Cherokee compact crossover is the only car not hailing from that Asian island. It offers customers both four- and six-cylinder options as well as a nine-speed automatic transmission and an options package geared toward off-road enthusiasts.

You can also get away with taking the Subaru Forester off of paved thoroughfares, but to a much milder extent than with the Jeep. It uses a continuously-variable transmission and sends power to all four wheels. There’s a turbocharged “XT” model that still uses a CVT, albeit a version revised for the increased torque coming from the turbo.

But soft-roaders were only one side of what people shopped for this week. The new Toyota Corolla was also a commonly queried, as was the 2014 Mazda3 and Honda Accord. Each of those three offer fuel efficiency, but are geared toward different buyers. The Corolla offers segment-busting rear seat space, but skips entertaining driving dynamics. Mazda’s compact is efficient, but less-so than the Corolla while offering what is arguably one of the most engaging products in its segment.

Through its varying model range, the mid-size Accord manages to span most of those gaps. There’s a hybrid model, a plug-in hybrid model, a base four-cylinder and a powerful V6. Despite the fact that most manufacturers stopped selling mid-size coupes, Honda also still offers a two-door version of the Accord.

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