Rolls-Royce SUV Under Serious Consideration

Rolls-Royce SUV Under Serious Consideration

Is there really a market for an ultra-luxury SUV from Rolls-Royce?

That’s what the British automaker is contemplating, studying whether or not there’s a compelling business case to invest into such a vehicle. According to Peter Schwarzenbauer, the BMW board member in charge of the brand, long-term independent studies believe half of the world car market will be crossovers and SUVs. So naturally, Rolls-Royce is considering entering the market.

Most recently, rumors of a BMW X7 being built hinted that the platform could be shared with Rolls-Royce so that the British automaker could build its own SUV while subsidizing the development costs with a more mass market vehicle.

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Naturally, the big question for the brand is whether or not an SUV model fits in its portfolio. Schwarzenbauer dropped a hint, however, stating that Porsche and BMW probably went through the same discussions before bringing the Cayenne and X5 to market, both of which have been successful. Then of course, there’s rival Bentley which has has already confirmed it will be bringing an SUV to the market, giving Rolls-Royce even more reason to develop its own.

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  • J Mac

    I know people will bitch about it, but it’s the right move. SUVs and crossovers are the future. Get with the times Rolls.