Slow Dodge Dart Sales Spur Plant Layoffs

Slow Dodge Dart Sales Spur Plant Layoffs

Chrysler is laying off 325 employees at its Belvidere Assembly Plant in Illinois due to slow sales of the Dodge Dart.

Even though Chrysler saw overall sales rise 11 percent in February, Dart sales actually declined 33 percent year-over-year. Chrysler says that the layoffs are necessary “to balance vehicle supply with current sales demand.”

In comparison, Ford sold almost 235,000 Focuses in 2013, while Honda sold more than 336,000 Civics. The Dodge Dart only managed to muster 83,388 sales last year.

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The biggest factor playing against the Dart right now is the Dodge Avenger, which is being offered with great incentives and allows customers to get a larger car for almost no monetary penalty. The Avenger has now been discontinued, and once it is finally sold out it will be possible to properly gauge how much interest there is in the Dart. In 2013, the Avenger sold 93,842 units.

[Source: Daily Herald]

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  • Somnambulator

    wow I see Darts allllllll the time and know someone who bought one. They really seemed to be selling well. Or maybe’s it’s their distinct styling that makes them more noticeable…

  • JamesJ

    if there were a 2 door version (like civic and focus listed above) the demand would be greater. I want one in 2 door… they made the neon both ways, they should do so with the dart as well.