Teens More Likely to DUI After Riding with Drunk Driver

Teens More Likely to DUI After Riding with Drunk Driver

Setting a bad example for teen drivers has severe consequences.

According to a recent study, teenagers who rode with a drunk driver are significant more likely to drink and drive themselves. By using longitudinal data from an American study called the NEXT Generation Study, researchers found that there was a direct relationship between being in a car with a drunk driver and how likely a teen was to pick up the behavior him or herself.

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The study started with grade 10 students in the 2009-2010 school year and covered the same group of students as they passed through high school. By looking at the two behaviors together, about 30 percent in the study reported either driving while intoxicated or riding with an intoxicated driver within the last three years. Another report states that the risk grew to 34 times greater when teens reported riding in cars with impaired drivers on two surveys. It also showed that the risk was 127 times greater if they reported riding in cars with a drunk or drugged drivers on three surveys.

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