Tesla Could Sell Cars in New Jersey Again Soon

Tesla Could Sell Cars in New Jersey Again Soon

The ban on selling Tesla products in New Jersey that begins next month might not last very long.

Assemblyman Tim Eustace introduced a bill yesterday that would allow Tesla to sell its cars, saying the recent ruling will only serve to drive business to nearby states. People who would potentilaly buy the $74,000 Model S can travel to New York or Pennsylvania and buy them there. For now, Tesla’s two crippled stores will remain open as gallieries to showcase products and answer questions about Tesla products.

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A new bill being introduced by a New Jersey lawmaker aims to allow the company to sell cars to customers directly from the factory as it does in other states with operating stores. Two weeks ago, the New Jeysey state Motor Vehicle Commission changed the rules on dealer licensing. The new rules take effect on April 1, effectively blocking Tesla from selling its cars in the state because its licenses expire on the same day. Tesla argued that its liceses in New Jersey were granted properly and shouldn’t be taken away.

[Source: Automotive News]