Top 10 Best Cities For Sports Car Owners

Top 10 Best Cities For Sports Car Owners

Sports-car Friendly Cities

According to some basic statistics, it isn’t too hard to determine which cities are the best place to own a sports car.

For example, the dream spot would have low fuel costs, because owning something like the Mustang GT will drain your gas-budget in just a few miles. Keeping money in mind, insurance would have to be a pretty significant factor too, since each city has different insurance premium. Finally, the city’s police presence should have an impact on your ability to enjoy a sports car, so you won’t have to be nervously checking your rear-view mirror every time you take a corner or on-ramp too aggressively.

The folks at Nerdwallet ranked these factors to determine which city is the best for sports car ownership, so lets jump in and see if your neighborhood is on the list. Using a 34-year old male with a 2014 Ford Mustang GT, the group came up with ten ideal cities.

  • Luke

    Sport cars or mustang? you americans don’t know how to built a sport car bhahahah.

  • Ijust madethisname

    Hello, dumbass.
    -SRT10 Viper ACR (Nurburgring record holder for fastest true production car)
    – CTS-V
    -Camaro SS 1LE package
    -Camaro ZL1
    – Camaro Z28
    -Mustang Boss 302
    -Corvette C6 Grand Sport (94th on the Nurburgring top 100)
    -C7 Stingray
    -C6 Z06 (14th on the Nurburgring top #100)
    – C6 ZR1 (12th on the Nurburgring top #100)
    – SSC Ultimate Aero (World record holder for top speed for a number of years)
    -Hennessey Venom GT (Until the One:1 is tested, this is the fastest car out there)

    Sincerely, a BMW M3 owner.

  • Ijustmadethisnamealso

    Thank you. Finally someone with some sense.

  • Dobedobedooo

    I live in Omaha and can say that owning my cars is affordable. The cost of everything isn’t bad. What is bad though are the roads. We have some of the worst roads and streets here in Omaha. Between the potholes and grooved pavement/asphalt you better be a damn good driver. And if those don’t get you you better wait long enough into spring before you get your baby out because the ice melter on the streets will eat your car up.

  • J Mac

    Have you driven a new Mustang? They’re actually pretty awesome. Especially the Boss 302!

  • 5kull

    Actually America makes the best sports cars, the cars you can actually hope to buy and enjoy one day. So keep driving that scooter Luke, maybe one day you will win the lottery and buy that euro sports car your so proud off.

  • Michael

    I’m here in charlotte, and i gotta say, we’ve got some awesome roads within easy driving distance, a bunch of tracks within an hour (CMP, ZMax, etc…) and while lots of people here are horrible drivers, if you stay off certain roads, you greatly lessen the odds of an accident.

  • Quiet Ride

    Model S – no gas required.

  • Grant dumas

    So I guessing this 34 yr old male with a mustang depicted in the article must have his fair share of moving violations. $2500 per yr to insure a car is what someone 16-24 would pay, not a 34yr old.