Top 10 Cheapest Cars to Insure

Top 10 Cheapest Cars to Insure

Protecting Your Investment

Need a car to get you from Point A to Point B without costing you a fortune each month in insurance premiums? AutoGuide has compiled a list of the Top 10 cheapest cars to insure. The estimated annual premiums for the vehicles on this list are based on a study conducted by, which calculated averages from Allstate, Geico, Farmers, Nationwide, Progressive and State Farm. The insurance prices are based on full coverage for a 40-year-old male with a clean driving record and good credit and a 12-mile commute to work each day. Rates are based on $100,000 injury liability for one person, $300,000 for all injuries and $50,000 for property damage with a $500 deductible on collision and comprehensive coverage.

  • Kenny Mac

    should have been titled top 10 vans and SUV’s not a single car on the list!!!

  • mike

    Subaru outback is like a sedan go back n look at the list

  • averagejoeusername .

    outback is a cuv

  • Neil Heisenberg

    this is useless for sedan drivers…

  • Abby Zhang

    Honestly, I’m surprised that the Toyota Camry is not listed. I’ve been driving a Toyota Camry for 5 years now and routinely change my insurance carriers to keep my rates low (to avoid rate increases). I’m usually able to get rates around the $25 to $30 a month range (from Insurance Panda). The Camry is more than twice as cheap as my husband’s 5 series BMW to insure. Could not be happier with it.

  • roscoe108

    Camrys and Corollas get stolen a lot, is why. Even if your insurance is low for your Camry, it probably has more to do with where you live, likely.

    Insurance is based totally on thousands of statistics and the (re)combinations of those statistics: which vehicles get stolen more, where do they get stolen from, which are more expensive to repair, where do they get repaired, what colour of vehicle is more likely to be in an accident, age of driver, and so on and so on.

    Insurance providers employ thousands of statisticians whose sole job is to play with these numbers to figure out what they should charge you for insurance. And believe or not, your driving history accounts for maybe 25% to 30% of your premiums – demographics make up the rest. (unless of course you’ve been in a bunch of at-fault accidents, or convicted of DUI, etc.).

  • averagejoeusername .

    I think she is a shill for insurance panda

  • Cory Ray

    I agree with Neil and Kenny. There are no CARS on this list.

    I think it’s funny that most of them are Chrysler products. Cheap autos.

  • Ibn Faqir Al Comilla

    all of these cars are garbage except for the jeep

  • averagejoeusername .

    Just the opposite is true. Have you actually OWNED a Jeep? Or a chysler/dodge vehicle? Garbage.

  • B M

    We’ve got two Jeeps with a combined 70,000 miles on them. Two minor warranty issues (a few hours wait total at the dealer) over the past three years. Comparatively, a new Hyundai Sonata we have and an older Tahoe have spent a lot of time getting repaired, repairs that left the vehicles stranded. Jeeps “garbage”? Hardly. You know little about what you spew.

  • Adrian

    It is a Hyundai… No point proven

  • averagejoeusername .

    Hyundais and Kias are much more reliable than any dumbestic brand. You dont know much about them do you?

  • averagejoeusername .

    Bowel Movement: I own ACURAS. That means we run them hundreds of thousands of trouble free miles easy. My wifes 08 acura TL has 143,000 miles and Ive never even changed the brake pads. It does 149mph, gets up to 35mpg, and is beautiful. Ive seen plenty of jeeps and had friends with grand cherokees, liberty, cj, and they are pure trash. Only a Jeep owner would brag about 2 cars with a total of 70,000 miles. You have to be kidding me. I sold our 16 year old crv with 275,000 miles for 3500 two years ago. It was running perfectly. My personal car is a 2002 RSX-S, with 200HP out of a 2.0 liter naturally aspirated with 198,000 miles and it runs and looks like brand new. Jeep couldnt even DREAM of engineering a car with 100hp/liter much less making it reliable. GM is pure garbage too.

  • B M

    Really? An ad hominem attack is all you have along with what you’ve seen. Hilarious. Maybe some real world data and comparing apples to apples:

    We had three Hondas and they were nothing special. Yes, we got 200,000 miles out of them, but only after wheel bearings, transmissions, CV joints, struts, AC compressors, starters, alternators wiper motors and engine mounts were replaced. The Audi A4 my wife uses must be better than Acura or Honda because she has nearly 300,000 miles on hers in 5yrs…all highway driving.

    Now take the Honda or any other small car and drive my daily routine with my “junk” Jeeps: Chicago potholes to country ditches and muddy fields every day and see how well the Honda holds up. A previous Jeep GC went 200,000 miles in the same conditions with no repairs, not even a fuel pump. It’s more in how you maintain and use them. But do please carry on the baseless rant. :)

  • AJ

    And the Jeep is the only cool one.

  • Kevin McNutt

    Odyssey is a champ! Love ours.

  • danwat1234

    Ok so all of those are over $1,000 a year to insure. Well insurance for my ’99 Civic is about $625 a year without collision with $50k /$100K and some PIP

  • averagejoeusername .

    100k isnt enough. If you hit someone and disable them they could sue you and take everything. 100k wont cover crap

  • danwat1234

    It’s my understanding it’s no use to have insurance over the value of all my assets. 100K easily covers all my assets. If the damage if over 100K I don’t think the lawyers would try to sue me but I could be wrong about how the system works.

  • Mick

    In the real world the Caravan isn’t faster than the Odyssey.

  • averagejoeusername .

    Odysseys are fast as hell. j35

  • Mick

    I pay about $750 a year for my turbo RSX-S with full coverage with a $2500 collision deductable

  • averagejoeusername .

    RSX’s are stupid expensive to insure. Because kids crash them. If I bought a 50,000 MDX my insurance would drop versus my rsx which is worth about 5k

  • Mick

    Well you live in the US probably or place with private insurance. Less than $750 a year for a 32 year old male is damn low

  • averagejoeusername .

    I pay about 50 a month. And a 2500 deductible is kinda dumb. You may as well not even bother having collision dude. Remove the collision from your car. Take 2500 plus the amount you were paying for insurance on collision (the premium) and invest it in a stable dividend stock. Lets consider this-insurance companies only insure the trade in value of the car. So my rsx they only insure about 4000.00. So if I had a 2500 deductible…they would pay a max of 1500? Not worth having insurance dude. Self insure. Then if you have anb accident take it out of your stock fund. Every term put the money you would have spent on collision insurance in yoru investment.

  • averagejoeusername .

    Its important to know-cheap INSURANCE is based on people NOT wanting to STEAL them. People not wanting to drive them fast. And when accidents do happen the passengers dont get hurt badly. Thats what makes insurance cheap. In many cases CHEAP cars are very expensive to insure. Look at any small coupe-because their drivers are young people they get into a lot of accidents. Ive studied rates at length. Even among identical class cars (say an Navigator vs Escalade) the escalade is much more expensive to insure because of the type of people that drive, and steal them. Cheap small cars such as just about every Suziki should be avoided because when they get into acidents the passenger claims skyrocket as passengers get hurt.

  • no one special

    all i have to say is both american brands and foriegn brands have their
    problems its just the way the manufacturers label the problem and the way they turn in the statistics for the problems . Reallistically
    the insurance company’s should all burn in hell due to the fact when you
    really need them the don’t want to pay in any timely manner but if you
    don’t pay every month on time you get that letter you are going to get
    dropped. Its all about the American Greed!

  • MisleadingTitle

    This list is misleading; the title should read “cheapest vehicles to insure”. Not a single listed vehicle here was a car.

  • JCP

    I know that these insurance costs are based on averages from across the country, but I have never paid as much as even the cheapest vehicle to insure on this list. I currently pay about $600 a year on my late model VW GTI, and that is with excellent, full coverage (including roadside assistance) from State Farm (not a cheap insurer).

  • roscoe108

    Dude, you pay only $50/month to insure your GTI? Where do you live? And what are your deductibles like? If I may ask…

  • averagejoeusername .

    50 a month is what you should pay for full coverage if you have a clean record. If you arent married they screw you over.


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