Top 10 Custom Cars of the 2014 Geneva Motor Show

Top 10 Custom Cars of the 2014 Geneva Motor Show

Our favorite custom cars from Geneva

The Geneva Motor Show is most commonly associated with high-end sports car debuts. This year, stunners like the Lamborghini Huracan, Ferrari California T and McLaren 650S all made their global debuts.

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Rare as those cars are, there’s something even more unusual on display. After their initial debuts, those supercars disperse to owners and, inevitably, tuning shops. Sometimes the results are admirable, sometimes they’re awful.

  • Guilherme Iberê

    “Ruf Automobile GmbH is a German car manufacturer. Ruf vehicles are built from unmarked Porsche chassis through which Ruf builds their own independent work. Because the labour is so thorough, including the installation of Ruf-made parts instead of badge engineering, the company is recognized as a manufacturer by the German government.”

    Source: Wikipedia / Ruf Automobile GmbH Site

    Ruf, not a car tuner.

  • Pie_t

    Very good explanation. Thanks.

  • Rickers

    Whatever… do they build their own chassis and design their own engines from scratch? NO! They’re just a tuner. A glorified tuner… but a tuner nonetheless.

  • Guilherme Iberê

    I thought the explanation was enough… seems not.

    they buy “body in white” chassis from Porsche, from there they add their in house made engine, suspension and transmission, all made from scratch. Even if some of the designs are based on porsche, their own modifications are enough to keep them appart from porsche’s work. That’s one of the pre-requisites to be considered a manufacturer by the german government. Stock RUF parts don’t fit in Porsches as stock Porsche parts don’t fit in RUFs. Even the driving dynamics from both are completely different

    Its different from the work of Brabus for example, that gets a finished car from mercedes, and work over it to create their own named versions. if you look at it, Brabus get the engine block directly from MB, Ruf makes their own engine block. If that is not manufacturing, i don’t know what is it.

    So, as much as you seem to dislike them (which is a opinion you are entitled to) RUF is manufacturer as written and considered in document on several automotive governing bodies around europe. Cars made by RUF have their own VIN numbers recognized almost everywhere in the world.

    Anyway, have fun, keep it classy.